Wednesday Malayalam: Ranam, Desi Detroit

Well, I know at least one of you also watched this, so the two of us can have a nice discussion about non-toxic masculinity and Prithviraj being hot.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Sakhavu, for May Day

I finally watched it! Ages after it came out. For those of you who like Communists/Communism, this is a great movie for gently explaining the importance of collective action. For those of you who like “cuddly” type men (you know who you are!), this is a great movie for giving you nice sofa like Nivin striding around with his big arms and trunk.

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Election Day Post 2! Vote on Best Shahrukh Movie, Best Malayalam Actress, Best non-Khan Hindi Actor

So important to participate in a democratic election! If you don’t vote, your voice won’t be heard. And the wrong Shahrukh Khan film could be chosen as his best ever! Or the wrong Malayalam actress, or the wrong Hindi actor. Vote in the comments, you can give a choice for each category or just the ones you feel confident about. Remember, most comments this month wins a poster!

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Upcoming Movie Reviews: Malayalam Communists On Wednesday for May Day, Badlapur on Friday 5/3, Yennai Arindhaal 5/5 for Ajith and Trisha!

Okay, big week! Lots of non-Hindi!!!! On May 1, for the International Day of Labor, lots and lots of Malayalam communists. Then Badlapur on Friday, and finally Yennai Arindhaal on Sunday. Even if no one else likes it, I really really like Yennai Arindhaal and I am replaying the review for Ajith and Trisha’s birthdays this week.

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Ezra Review ReRun! A Jewish Horror Movie For Passover!

If this is the only Jewish-Indian movie I have seen (not counting Nadira and Aditya Roy Kapoor movies), I think it is a pretty good one! The Jewish community is treated as a vital part of Indian history, and it ends with a bunch of Jewish tourists saving the world (I have no doubt the extras actually were Jewish tourists hired for the day). I asked my Jewish friend if she knew how to save the world, she didn’t, but then she never had a bat mitzvah, we figured that is when you probably learn it.

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Friday Malayalam: Joseph, A Story of a Life and How it Ends

Despite einthusan’s best efforts to foil me, I did in fact manage to start and finish this movie. And it only took me 5 days of trying! To be fair to einthusan, it is also the fault of my consistently weak internet. It can handle the fancy well-designed streaming sites, but einthusan puts it under a bit of a strain.

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Box Office Report: Badla Does Blockbuster!

I took a little box office vacation the past several weeks, but obviously I had to come back to see how SRK’s new movie did!!!! (data from bollywoodhungama here) This is a pretty light post, because I am planning and writing a more in depth discussion of SRK and Red Chillies to go up separately.

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Monday Malayalam: Kumbalangi Nights, The Freedom of the Outcasts

I saw it! Thanks to all of you telling me I had to! And there are some truly beautiful moments. But it’s also very Malayalam, isn’t it? Any other film industry, this would be a tragic gritty story. Malayalam industry, it’s feel good!

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Wednesday Malayalam: Aravindante Athidhikal, The Power of the Mother

A nice pleasant not terribly challenging movie. Which somehow is what I always expect from Vineeth Sreenivisan starring movies. And a very nice movie to think about and maybe watch as we all worry about Sreenivisan in the hospital.

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Ente Ummante Peru Review (No Spoilers): Tovino is a Sweet Muscular Gummy Bear

This was a random impulse. No new Hindi film was playing this week, I was planning to see the NTR film but then a big snowstorm came up so I wanted to get home earlier and this film was playing at 5:15. Anyway, so glad I saw it!

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Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam/Kannada 101 RePost: Rajinikanth Part 2, Homeless to Millionaire (in honor of the release of 2.0)

I already put up my part 1, which I am sure was not fully accurate and certainly not complete.  But it is my stab at somehow pulling together what little I know into a cohesive whole, in the hopes that it starts a conversation and I can learn more from you all.

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Hindi/Tamil/Kannada/Malayalam/Telugu Film 101 RePost: Rajinikanth’s Life, Part 1 Bus Conductor to Movie Star (in Honor of 2.0 Releasing)

Well, I did it!  I finally finished my Rajinikanth biography!  Now I just have the Savitri, Hema Malini, and Shashi Kapoor biography on my to do pile.  Plus various other film books that aren’t star memoirs.  Anyway, now I am ready to very tentatively try to put together some kind of narrative of Rajinikanth’s life, based on the movies I have watched (far more than I realized!), and this book, and information I gathered elsewhere

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Kayankulam Kochunni Review (SPOILERS): If the Laws Are Unjust, You Need Not Respect Them

Such a great movie!  I was smiling and laughing in delight the entire time.  If you will have a chance to watch it, you can read the No Spoilers review, if you already know the whole story, or won’t be able to see the film, you can read this one.  It’s fun to watch not knowing what will happen next, but it’s also fun to watch knowing everything, it’s just that good.

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