Wednesday Malayalam: Brother’s Day! A Movie For Prithviraj Fans and NO ONE ELSE

Luckily, I am not the only Prithvi fan here! So that small band of us can all watch and enjoy this movie together.

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Daily Hrithik-Tiger Shipping Post: What Other Casting Options Would We Use for War?

Let’s recast this sucker! Mostly so I can make it female-female, but I would also be okay with male-female.

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Recommendations Post: Happy Female Lead Films!

It came up in discussion that female lead films tend to be really dark. Which is true! But why should we watch a bunch of women be miserable and punished all the time? This is a post for us all to share recommendations for happy female lead films. And I’ll start with some of my favorites.

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NRI Week: Ivide, An American Family Story

This is such a fascinating wonderful movie, so many themes woven into it, and no easy answers. And tragically, it is impossible to find with subtitles. Looks like it might be available through WorldCat (the extreme University version of inter-library loan) and on the UK, India, and Australia amazon on DVD. And also, Movie Time Video, the wonderful New Jersey store that offers rent-by-mail. So if you live in one of those three countries, or have access to WorldCat, or a rental account with NJMT, you can watch it! Otherwise, you can struggle along with the Einthusan no-subtitles version. Thankfully a lot of the dialogue is English, so you might be able to make it work.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Mumbai Police (ALL SPOILERS), For Pride

I give up, I can’t review this movie without SOME spoilers. So there will be about 3 paragraphs of no-spoilers, and then it’s going straight into spoilers. And this is the kind of twisty plot that you are really cheating yourself if you spoil it in advance. DON’T READ THIS REVIEW, is what I am saying. Not unless you have already seen the film.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Sakhavu, for May Day

I finally watched it! Ages after it came out. For those of you who like Communists/Communism, this is a great movie for gently explaining the importance of collective action. For those of you who like “cuddly” type men (you know who you are!), this is a great movie for giving you nice sofa like Nivin striding around with his big arms and trunk.

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Election Day Post 2! Vote on Best Shahrukh Movie, Best Malayalam Actress, Best non-Khan Hindi Actor

So important to participate in a democratic election! If you don’t vote, your voice won’t be heard. And the wrong Shahrukh Khan film could be chosen as his best ever! Or the wrong Malayalam actress, or the wrong Hindi actor. Vote in the comments, you can give a choice for each category or just the ones you feel confident about. Remember, most comments this month wins a poster!

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Upcoming Movie Reviews: Malayalam Communists On Wednesday for May Day, Badlapur on Friday 5/3, Yennai Arindhaal 5/5 for Ajith and Trisha!

Okay, big week! Lots of non-Hindi!!!! On May 1, for the International Day of Labor, lots and lots of Malayalam communists. Then Badlapur on Friday, and finally Yennai Arindhaal on Sunday. Even if no one else likes it, I really really like Yennai Arindhaal and I am replaying the review for Ajith and Trisha’s birthdays this week.

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Ezra Review ReRun! A Jewish Horror Movie For Passover!

If this is the only Jewish-Indian movie I have seen (not counting Nadira and Aditya Roy Kapoor movies), I think it is a pretty good one! The Jewish community is treated as a vital part of Indian history, and it ends with a bunch of Jewish tourists saving the world (I have no doubt the extras actually were Jewish tourists hired for the day). I asked my Jewish friend if she knew how to save the world, she didn’t, but then she never had a bat mitzvah, we figured that is when you probably learn it.

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Friday Malayalam: Joseph, A Story of a Life and How it Ends

Despite einthusan’s best efforts to foil me, I did in fact manage to start and finish this movie. And it only took me 5 days of trying! To be fair to einthusan, it is also the fault of my consistently weak internet. It can handle the fancy well-designed streaming sites, but einthusan puts it under a bit of a strain.

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Box Office Report: Badla Does Blockbuster!

I took a little box office vacation the past several weeks, but obviously I had to come back to see how SRK’s new movie did!!!! (data from bollywoodhungama here) This is a pretty light post, because I am planning and writing a more in depth discussion of SRK and Red Chillies to go up separately.

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Monday Malayalam: Kumbalangi Nights, The Freedom of the Outcasts

I saw it! Thanks to all of you telling me I had to! And there are some truly beautiful moments. But it’s also very Malayalam, isn’t it? Any other film industry, this would be a tragic gritty story. Malayalam industry, it’s feel good!

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