Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Teaser!!! Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Homage?

I did a stupid stupid thing, and stayed up until midnight my time so I could see the Karan Johar Ae Dil Hai Mushkil teaser as soon as he posted it at 10am India time.  But now that I have stayed up, I might as well write about it real quick before I finally go to sleep!

I’m not gonna keep you in suspense, here is the teaser:


I not only watched it 3 times in a row, I watched it slowed down to half-speed twice!  And I still have no idea what is going on.  I mean, I get that Ranbir is in love with two ladies and they are in love with him.  I get that his connection with Anushka is more about ice skating and laughing and his connection with Aishwarya is more about beauty and sexy looks and long embraces.  I get that Fawad is in the mix somehow as well.


Here’s what puzzles me:

  1. Who is the woman Fawad and Ranbir are fighting over?  That’s not like a plot speculation question, I literally cannot tell who’s back of the head we are looking at in the bit where they are fighting.  The curse of using the same hair stylist for both heroines!  I want to say Aish, but it’s really just a guess.
  2. What is going on in the formal clothing bit?  We see it 3 times, first Ranbir seems happy and goofy, leaning on a pillar and smiling.  Then he is being angrily dragged out by Anushka (?), and then he is dramatically striding away with voice over right at the end, looking all heartbroken.  What happened to get him all the way from goofy to miserable without changing clothes?
  3. What’s up with the facial hair?  It’s here, it’s gone, it’s back again!  Is this going to be two distinct time periods, shaven and unshaven Ranbir?  Or was the continuity person just asleep at the wheel?

Most of all, what is with the Kuch Kuch homage at the end!  This shot:


Is so similar to this shot:



None of this, by the way, goes against rumor #1 about this film, that it is going to be a reimagining of Doosra Aadmi, in which young lovers Rishi and Neetu have their relationship challenged when troubled older woman Raakhee seduces Rishi because he reminds her of her dead lover Shashi.  And then in the end, Raakhee is confronted by her old friend actor-I-can’t-remember and forced to see what she is doing, and ends up deciding to finally marry the old friend and send Rishi back to Neetu.  So, obviously, Ranbir=Rishi, Anushka=Neetu, Aishwarya=Raakhee, Fawad=Actor-I-can’t-remember.


Or it’s some other plot entirely!  But the Doosra Aadmi rumors were pretty hot for a while, and nothing in this teaser really disproves them.

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but I am hoping he ends up with Anushka, not Aish.  Because laughing happy doing activities together relationships are way healthier (and more interesting to watch) than staring-deeply-into-each-other’s-eyes relationships.  I mean, look at the poster!  Who is he really happier with?



10 thoughts on “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Teaser!!! Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Homage?

  1. I stayed up, too!! The SONG! The song is so amazing!

    I’m so excited about this movie. It’s so great to have Karan making a movie again, and with new actors. PLUS, I hear a teaser for the new season of Koffee With Karan is coming, too!


    • I’m still having a hard time with the song, just because I keep hearing “Gustakh Dil” from English/Vinglish every time I hear the title! I’ll have to wait until the soundtrack is out and then listen to it a few hundred times to knock that out of my head.

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  2. Fawad is rumored to be playing Anushka’s husband, so your speculation that he will be Aishwarya’s long lost friend doesn’t seem to hold water. That role is again rumored to be SRK in a cameo. So those are the rumors.

    As to the teaser itself, the main takeaway for me was — gosh, Aishwarya is so beautiful! And she looks young enough to be a romantic pair for Ranbir, not an “older woman.” Maybe it’s just that Ranbir looks older than his age? Anyway, there’s only a 7-8 years real age difference between them, and it’s easy enough for Ash to look that much younger.

    And the other big takeaway, which actually kicked in right at the beginning, and kept growing in irritation level, was, Oh, no, this is another stupid Fox Star co-production, which means all the songs will be without subtitles, which is the stupidest decision. But Fox insists on this in all their co-productions, which I really detest.

    As for the film itself, it holds no interest for me, since I don’t care for the KJo brand of love stories, sorry. It will be Shivay for me come Diwali.


  3. Pretty exciting teaser… i hope all our speculations go wrong… we’ll a fresh movie with twist and turns… songs will be chartburster for sure.. expectations are on a high… can’t wait for diwali


    • Fresh movies stress me out! I like knowing how it’s going to end. I bet this will be one of those movies I enjoy much more on a re-watch, when I can just relax and enjoy the songs and not think about where it’s going, than the first time I see it.

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  5. Do you guys see that in the scene where Anushka is dragging Ranbir away, there is a line of women in bridal outfits (including a white woman rme)? Maybe it’s a bridal fashion show (are they all models?) Also, it looks like shit goes down at a double date with Aish-Ranbir and Anushka-Fawad. Anyway, here for this fashionably-dressed melodramatic mess since SRK won’t be lip-trembling all over it.


    • I did not notice either of those things! So glad we are crowd-sourcing trailer analysis 🙂

      Bad news if SRK lip-trembling turns you off, he is making a mysterious cameo appearance at some point. But hopefully without the lip trembles, I find them a bit much as well.


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