Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Song Video is OUT!!!!!

I was going to stay up all night waiting for Karan to release it on twitter, after he teased it would be sometime today (in India).  Thank goodness I didn’t, because he released it like an hour ago, so I would have been up all night.  But, yay!  Now it’s here!

Karan is just the master at building excitement for a movie.  I mean, this would be a huge movie anyway, one of the most successful directors in history working with this phenomenal cast, but the way he is dribbling out the teasers and trailers, teasing the release date, then dropping it, then retweeting every famous person in India as they comment on it, that’s brilliant.  And, it’s gotten me to stay up way past my bedtime twice in one week!

Anyway, song video!!!


First, confirmation on which woman is involved in the fight!  I was going Aish, based on the back of her head, but now that I can see the face, it’s Anushka!

Did you see how many shots there are of someone following someone else?  Ranbir and Anushka, Anushka and Fawad, Aishwarya and Ranbir?  I’m thinking this is going to be a film about the tragedy of timing.  Ranbir is in love with Anushka who is in love with Fawad.  But then Fawad comes back, and Anushka isn’t into him any more.  Meanwhile, Ranbir has moved on to Aishwarya.  Maybe?  Could be?

Karan was also selling it, in his interview, as kind of light and comic.  I wonder if it will be kind of dark comedy?  Or black comedy?  Like, when the timing gets that bad, all you can do is laugh about it and move on?

Anyway, I still hope Ranbir and Anushka end up together!  But this teaser, with all the drama of the Fawad-Ranbir fight and Anushka being all bleak faced while embracing Fawad, makes me wonder if maybe Ranbir-Anushka will be the crazy romance, and Aish-Ranbir will be the end game.  Maybe.  Possibly.

Most importantly, at 2:03, those are beige pants, right?  He’s not playing the piano naked from the waist down?  If they are pants, a very unfortunate color, KARAN!!!  I expect more of you!!!!

4 thoughts on “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Song Video is OUT!!!!!

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