News Round-Up: Early Box Office, Sonam Versus Balaji, and Amitabh and Aamir!!!

As I said in my review, I really really liked Akira.  So I am delighted to hear that the box office is picking up a little!  Almost as delighted about confirmation for the Amitabh and Aamir rumor.  The Sonam news, on the other hand, not so great.

Akira opened slow, the rumors I was hearing were 25% occupancy for early shows.  Not as bad as Bombay Velvet (10%!), but not great.  However, Bollywoodhungama is now reporting that it picked up in evening shows, not just with the target action audience, but also with families.  For an estimated 5.15 crore opening day, almost 2 crore more than NH10, the last female lead action film.

Still a terrible box office for a male hero film, especially a semi-big budget action film.  But I am going to cross my fingers that the producers were budgeting on a curve, so even this smaller box office will still give them a profit.  Because I want more female lead action movies like this!  Smart, streamlined, awesome.


Speaking of female lead films, Veere Di Wedding is in trouble.  A casualty of the general industry downturn.  Balaji, as I previously posted, is looking at getting out of film production for now.  They were set to co-produce with Sonam Kapoor and the Kapoor family production house.  “Co-produce” in this case presumably meaning they would give all the money, and Sonam and her sister would do all the work and guide the creative direction.  Only, now they’ve pulled out.  Supposedly, Anil is working his connections, trying to shop it to another house, maybe Eros, while Sonam is firm that production is on track and continuing.

Huh.  Such an odd combination of artists and money.  And again, as I am saying CONSTANTLY, this is why Dharma, Excel, and Yash Raj are the best studios.  You  need to have that artistic sensibility combined with the business mind.  Eros, UTV, Balaji, they are just blindly throwing money at artists and planning to reap the rewards.  And telling the artists that they are geniuses and know exactly what to do and shouldn’t worry their pretty little heads about money is a terrible idea too!  The right hand ends up not knowing what the left hand is up to, either bring the artists into the money discussion and trust them to be able to handle it, or bring money into the artistic discussions and keep them updated on every dollar spent and why.

Dharma, Excel, and Yash Raj, they are mentoring their own artists in house, and keeping a close eye on every production, and making an informed decision as to budgets, release schedules, and so on and so on, and it works out great!  Or even the smaller “traditional” production houses, where the director raises most of his own money, also doing fine!  It’s just the combination of these big stupid money giving studios with these tiny only-thinking-about-the-art studios that is so toxic.


Okay, for the Amitabh story, I am going to do what I try to never do and just copy and paste the entire thing from bollywoodhungama.

“It’s a great honour and privilege to be working with Aamir and to be working with Yashraj again and also to work with Victor, I just look forward to that moment,” said Mr Amitabh Bachchan in aBollywood Hungama exclusive video interview with Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar today. This is for the first time that anyone from the film has officially confirmed to the media and it happens to be a Bollywood Hungama exclusive.

“I don’t know if I can talk much about the film at this moment. I haven’t been given permission. All I can say is that it is a very exciting subject,” Mr Bachchan said. Reacting to the much publicised title of the film ‘Thug’ he said that the title hasn’t been confirmed yet and in due course of time Yashraj will make an announcement regarding the same. Mr Bachchan stated that his film with Aamir will start early next year.

There has been speculation about Mr Bachchan doing a film with Varun Dhawan for YRF. Mr Bachchan didn’t deny the buzz and said that in due course of time the details can be shared about that film. He did confirm that he shall be part of Sarkaar 3, a film with Balki is on the cards, a film for Sujoy Ghosh’s production house that will be either directed by Sujoy himself or by Ribhu Dasgupta and a few more are in the pipeline. “Most of the next year is going to be slightly busy,” Big B said with a smile.

Mr Bachchan is busy promoting Pink right now and the passion and vigour with which he approaches film promotions or anything that he does is nothing short of genius. I know it is a news report but still I shall end this story with a line from a Nazm ‘Nazr-e-Firaq’ by Fahmida Riaz on the great Urdu poet Firaq Gorakhpuri:

Naaz karungi khush bakhti mein maine Firaq ko dekha tha.

Similarly we can proudly say that we have the privilege of meeting the great Amitabh Bachchan. I remind this to myself each time I have the honour to meet and get mesmerised by this towering inspiring personality.

I love this whole story!  The news, of course, very excited that Amitabh is confirming that he will work with Aamir in a Yash Raj film. That’s the big news.  And that it will be directed by Vijay/Victor Krishna Acharya, director of Dhoom 3 and Tashan.  There is also a very small chance that this Aamir-Amitabh film will be Dhoom 4.  Amitabh refused to confirm the title, and by extension the rumors that it would be based on Confessions of a Thug, and Vijay is rumored to be working on Dhoom 4.

(I will love him forever for giving us this song sequence!  He even wrote the lyrics!)

But there’s also the possibility of a YRF film with Varun, which is big news for Varun’s career, it’s always an honor to do a film with Amitabh, and a bit of a check mark for the career checklist.  And confirmation of Sarkar 3.  And most of all, confirmation that even a hardened film reporter gets a bit overcome when interacting with Amitabh even just in video chat.

(the best I can do on translating that line at the end is “Pride-joy-happiness comes with worship when I see my Firaq”.  If anyone in the comments can do better, PLEASE PLEASE do so!)

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