More News! Amitabh and Aamir are Thugs, Fawad on Koffee, and Vishal is in TROUBLE!!!

I already had a little news post today, but now there is more Amitabh and Aamir news, so I HAVE to post about that!!!

We have a title!  For the Yash Raj-Aamir-Amitabh-Vijay Krishna Acharya movie!  Aamir tweeted it this morning.


Notice the “Hindostan” spelling!  So it looks like it might be based on that Confessions of a Thug book (click here if you want to download the whole book for free!  I did, and I have no regrets), just like the rumors said!  Set back in colonial times when no one knew how to spell.  But, I wonder if it will be a hyperreal spoofy version of colonial times like in Vijay’s Tashan, or if it will be a supposedly really “real” version that is still totally ridiculous like in Dhoom 3?  Either way, I’m excited!  But maybe more excited of it is the hyperreal spoofy version.


Other news today, Karan has announced his first guest for next season of Koffee…..Fawad Khan!  Not Shahrukh!!!  Again!!!  As I am sure we are all aware, Shahrukh was the first guest on Karan’s show ever, and then the first guest every season, until the last season.  Last time it was Salman Khan instead and Shahrukh didn’t appear all season.  This time it is Fawad, but there is no word yet on whether Shahrukh will be appearing later in the season.

(Also, the first episode is amazing and you should really watch it if you haven’t seen it yet)

Swapping out Salman for Shahrukh makes sense, because in terms of getting people to tune in, and making sure every news outlet in the country covers it, they are essentially the same.  If anything, Salman is even better.  But Fawad?  Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but he’s definitely not in that league.  I wonder if Karan has decided that he’s big enough now he doesn’t need a big name?  That people will turn in just for him?


And finally, Vishal Dadlani is in trouble!  I’m a little late to this story, so I’m going to try to follow it based on the current reports.  A Jain monk was invited to speak to the Haryana state assembly.  He appeared naked to give his address.  Vishal made a sarcastic tweet about it, and was immediately sharply criticized by various politicians (including, I think, AAP politicians despite the fact that Vishal has previously supported AAP?).  A follower of the monk filed an FIR against Vishal for hurting religious sentiments, as well as against a Congress politician who had made similar statements.  Vishal’s lawyer took his case to the Supreme Court asking for suspension on arrest until the appeals and so on had gone all the way through the courts.  And the Supreme Court just rejected the appeal, so he will be arrested.

Now, I know there are bigger issues going on, it’s really about AAP versus Congress versus BJP, it’s not about Vishal and the monk and the tweet or any of that.  And yet, I can’t help having that voice in my head going “A Jain?  Wouldn’t a Jain be the one most likely to forgive and move on?  They can’t even eat potatoes, and they are sending a man to jail?”

But I hope Vishal stays out, because I want him to keep making music like this:



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