Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!  So many wonderful songs!  Also, a little unfair to schedule a holiday right next to another holiday.  I just celebrated Teacher’s Day, and now I have to prepare for Ganesh Chaturthi too!

1. This one is obviously the best.  It’s so good, that Karan made it the alternative Dharma productions logo music.


2. This one is a close second.  Partly because I love Shahrukh, but mostly because it is just a really good song.


3.  This song is great, but I am still vaguely distracted by the plot set up of “oh no, at the last minute we can’t do our planned choreography!  Not to worry, we will just ‘feel’ the song and it will all come together” set up.  Like, where did the masks come from?  Did they just ‘feel’ them into existence?


4. A new one!  Banjo hasn’t even come out yet.  Why is that, I wonder?  It really should have come out last weekend for the holiday instead in two weeks.  Was it actually afraid of Akira?


5. Another Ganpati song from ABCD!!!  But this one doesn’t make my head hurt, because a closely choreographed song in the streets to celebrate the holiday seems totally reasonable and believable.


6. And finally, Amitabh!  From the old, original, Agneepath.


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