Baar Baar Dekho Quick Overseas Figures

Ouch!  You read for what you don’t want to hear about your big budget heavily promoted fancy A level movie? “less money than Baaghi“.  Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

I am guessing the audience for this movie was bang on with the audience for Kapoor & Sons.  Glossy images, lots of English dialogue, high concept, Sidharth Malhotra making pretty faces, and so on.  Which means it is supposed to do better overseas than at home.  At least, in non-multiplex at home.

(Also, both films have an awesome Badshah song)

And, noooooooooope.  Early early reports have it actually dropping between day 1 and day 2 overseas.  This is really really bad.  It’s not just “bad word of mouth” bad, even with bad word of mouth it usually goes up a little on Saturday just because people have the day off work and can make the early shows.  Regular “bad word of mouth” means it still goes up on Saturday, but just by very little.  And then goes down or stays flat on Sunday.  And then down down down all week, until it is very very low the next weekend.  To actually go down on a Saturday versus a Friday, that means people are pro-actively calling everyone they know and saying “don’t do it!  It’s not worth it!”

That’s overseas, in India we have the normal “bad word of mouth” kind of box office.  Up by less than a crore from Friday to Saturday.  Normally it goes up by at least two crore.  Again, just because people have the day off.

What makes this really bad, is that this is such a “word of mouth” kind of movie.  A Khan film, for instance, almost always goes down on the second day.  Because people actually take time off work to see every show on the first day.  Weekends are meaningless.  And so is the quality of the film, people are going to see it no matter what they hear about it.  Well, unless it is Fan.  Then no one is going to see it after that first Friday.  But that is a very extreme case.

But this film, they were counting on getting people in the door with “Kala Chasma” and the Dream Team tour and all that, and then on the plot and quality of the film to keep them there.  And it is not working At. All.  If the box office is already dropping over the first weekend, this thing is going to disappear by next weekend.

(Let’s just watch it one more time and remember those halcyon days when we thought it would be a better movie than it was)


On the plus side, more screens may be opening up for Freaky Ali!  Which has made barely 5 crore in India, but DID go up between Friday and Saturday, so is technically doing better than Baar Baar.

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