Baar Baar Dekho Quick Overseas Figures

Ouch!  You read for what you don’t want to hear about your big budget heavily promoted fancy A level movie? “less money than Baaghi“.  Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

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News Round-Up: Two New Videos, Diwale Battle Heats Up, and the Founder of Chippendales is Desi?

Two!  Two great videos!  One of which is striking and beautiful and amazing, and the other of which is just kind of cute.

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News Round-Up: Salman is Still a Virgin, 2 Release Conflicts Coming Up, and Yash Raj Takes Care of Its Own

Slow news day, but Salman did attend the trailer release yesterday, so we got some cool quotes from that.  And there were a couple of release dates announced.  And Yash Raj is going to battle for Parineeti and Bhumi.

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