Bahubaali 2 Scares Off Its Enemies!!!

This is, like, half a story. But it’s about Bahubaali 2, so I care DEEPLY.  And I figure most other people would as well.  Also, kind of interesting from an industry stand point.

The old news about Bahubaali is that a Hindi dub of a southern film, with minimal promotion and no big Hindi stars, made a record breaking box office, even challenging Salman’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan released a few weeks later.

The new-news is that Bahubaali was so big, the sequel has scared off everyone, even in this age of “why not release two big films at the same time and let them fight it out?”  The announced release date of April 14th still holds, and no one has announced any other release for a full 3 weeks afterwards.

Which works for me!  I saw Bahubaali 1 eight times in theaters, and if I’d been trying to squeeze in new releases during that same time, I would have been exhausted!  Very glad that I will have a full 3 weeks to focus all my energy (and limited movie viewing time) on Bahubaali 2.

(Why is this song so good?  I don’t know!  It just is!  I can’t stop watching it!)

Also, with that article I put up yesterday about the struggling production houses, check out Dharma!  Snapped up the Hindi rights to the first one, plowed ahead with an unprecedented number of Hindi dubbed prints, sent all over the world, and now already has the rights to the second one!  And it’s a guaranteed blockbuster, Karan can just sit back and watch the money come rumbling in.

See?  This is what happens when you have a certified artistic genius in charge!  Genius knows genius.  Karan heard Bahubaali was in the works, knew Rajamouli’s work already, and called him up and bought the rights sight unseen.  Super dumb move for some MBA school dope who doesn’t know anything about film.  Brilliant move for a director and scriptwriter and lifelong member of the film fraternity, who can feel it in his bones when he knows a film is going to be a hit.

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