New Production House On the Horizon! Strange Name, Good Business Plan

“Ellipsis Entertainment”.  Really?  Trying saying that outloud.  Doesn’t your mouth kind of stumble over it?  It looks good, and it’s a nice idea, that the leave out the unnecessary bits, and I am assuming their logo will be some variation on “…”, but can you really say it ten times fast?

But the business plan is great!  They claim they are going to do everything that that article I just linked to suggested.  Start by fostering artists, look for good ideas and small budgets, let the story drive the film not the box office.

Of course, that could just be what they are saying in their press release.  But I kind of believe them, based on their track record.  First, and most importantly, this is the team that produced Neerja.  Which is, to my mind, the smartest business decision film of the year.  Also a very good film.  But that’s part of why it was a smart business decision.  Start with a good script, and it doesn’t matter how low your budget is.  The audience will love it without needing a lot of promotion to convince them, stars will volunteer to be in it just because they want to be, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on spectacle and fireworks, because the story provides all that on it’s own.

The two main movers on this are Tanuj Garg and Atul Kasbekar.  Tanuj is referred to as “former CEO of Balaji”, which made me nervous, because of course Balaji is going belly up.  But no!  That’s some other CEO’s fault!  Tanuj was the first CEO, 2010 to 2014, who greenlit Dirty Picture, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, and the Ragini MMS low-budget horror series.  The smart choices.  And then he left, and some other guy came in and started greenlighting a bunch of dumb stuff.

(The movie was plenty brilliant, but this trailer is amazing too!  Totally made me go in first day, first show, and I usually don’t even like crime movies!)

Atul Kasbekar is an artist, a photographer.  I would feel better if he were a director, or something else directly film related.  But at least he’s been around the industry a really long time (taking big name photos since 1990!), and he has an artistic eye.  He also transitioned from taking photos for ad campaigns to organizing them, he has a couple of businesses that manage Stars and corporations, reading between the lines, it sounds like he is kind of a matchmaker, putting the right star with the right brands to help them both grow.  Not a bad skill to have when you move into film production, hopefully it will help him put the right stars with the right films.

But the biggest part of this news is that there is a new studio at all!  Considering the massive bloodletting that the major production houses have gone through this year (well, not Yash Raj, because they’re the best, but everyone else), you would think the industry was dying.  But hopefully this means it is just dying a little, in order to be reborn as a smaller, tighter, smarter operation.

6 thoughts on “New Production House On the Horizon! Strange Name, Good Business Plan

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  2. Whatever happened to this? After the buzz when they announced this studio, no one’s heard of them. I don’t they announced any upcoming films either.


    • I just did a quick google, looks like they are co-producing a Vidya film with T-series that just started filming. Vidya has an uneven track record as a lead actress, but hopefully this turns out more Kahaani and less Bobby Jasoos.


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