Varun Drinks!!! But, He’s Not the First

Don’t freak out, our shining star young man is not a secret alcoholic.  This is just a fun story from the sets of Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

For a particular scene, his character is supposed to be drunk.  So Varun “downed a few pegs” before the shot, in order to get in character.  Not unheard of!

Aamir, that perfectionist, famously got drunk for real in order to convincingly play drunk in this song from Raja Hindustani.


Rishi and Neetu were adorably drunk in this song.  Well, adorably until you remember Neetu was only like 15 and probably shouldn’t have been drinking.  Or starring in movies.


And then there’s the rare occasion when a star DOESN’T drink, in order to make a song work!  According to the making of video, Shahrukh stopped drinking for 3 days over the course of filming, making him get just crazy cut by the end as his body lost all water weight.  Probably not very healthy, but the end result is amazing!


4 thoughts on “Varun Drinks!!! But, He’s Not the First

    • Oh good, I’m not crazy! My first draft of this had Chalak Chalak, because I thought I remembered that Shahrukh got drunk for it. But then I couldn’t find confirmation anywhere, so I thought I just imagined it.


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