Two New Trailers!!! Both End In “2”!

Tum Bin 2?  Really?  Like, the Priyanshu Chatterjee movie?  Rock On 2, I can kind of understand, because it’s part of Farhan’s whole play acting self-indulgence thing.  But Tum Bin gets a sequel?

It’s T-Series, so the songs are very pretty.  That is what T-Series knows best, after all.


The casting is….cheap?  I guess that’s the best thing you can say about it.  A bunch of people who sort of look like people I care about, and then I look a little closer and go “oh wait, no, you are someone else that I have never seen before.”  Oh, and Neha Sharma.  Who I only know from her cameo scene in Teri Meri Kahaani.

T-Series has a pretty consistent strategy for their films, young stars, great soundtrack, dramatic romantic plot, and a massive Indian release and minor overseas release.  Basically, they are going for the Indian teenage/young people audience.  The ones who will get caught up in the drama of the romance, relate to the very young stars, and then buy the soundtrack in droves.


Excel Entertainment also has a pretty consistent strategy, that being, “what does Farhan Akhtar think is cool?”  Generally speaking, Farhan’s got pretty good taste.  But I think he may have lost it a bit with this song and gotten a little too excited by all the fun stuff he gets to do in it.


At least Arjun’s long hair is back?  I’m assuming this is a flashback though, not just because of the hair (Arjun long, Farhan short), but because there is NO WAY a rock concert would be held in front of Gateway to India post 26/11.  Pretty unlikely pre-26/11, but really really not possible now.


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