Important News Update: AbRam is Cute

And so is his father!  And also a bit of a tech nerd, have you noticed that since he discovered instagram, Shahrukh has been posting a lot of videos that are kind of like the ones your dorky uncle posts after his son shows him how to use the video tools?  But more interesting, because it’s a movie star.

This video isn’t actually a Shahrukh video, it’s just something a fan took of him and AbRam goofing off at the airport.  The seem to be fighting each other with balloons?  Or bags?  It’s remarkably similar to the videos from the IPL match.  But then, he’s 3, 3-year-olds are big on repetition.


Shahrukh himself posted this video, which I would find a little tiresome and dorky if one of my relatives did it, but it’s a movie star, so I find it charming and humanizing instead.  Similar to Amitabh’s very tacky homemade computer holiday cards for every holiday.

Who says we cannot control the wind….

A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on


(And so long as I am thinking about it, Amitabh wishes us all a happy Onam!)


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