Shahid Gives Vidya Balan the Disease That Killed Yashji!!!

Was that headline sufficiently exciting for you?  It’s a pretty exciting story, I have to say!  Or at the very least, odd!

Back in 2012, Yash Chopra died of a combination of Dengue fever and being very very old (80) and partying all night at Amitabh’s birthday (70).  I always like to think that the government’s increasing Dengue awareness was a direct result of this, but it’s probably more one of those things were correlation does not mean causation.  There was an increasing number of mosquitoes, because of a variety of factors, which lead to more mosquito carried diseases, like Dengue.  But there is a plan in place!  Policies and regulations and so on for the prevention of mosquito proliferation.  Which brings me to Shahid and Vidya.  Who are neighbors?  Isn’t that weird?  Didn’t they date back in Kismat Konnection times?  I thought that was a fairly confirmed rumor?

(Not that great of a movie, love the soundtrack)

Even weirder, Shahid gave Vidya Dengue fever!  She is recovering at home, but the public health people traced the source of the mosquitos to Shahid’s poorly maintained swimming pool two floors down.  And now Shahid has a notice served on him.  So, in the Balan-Kapoor household, Sidhharth Roy Kapoor just lost his job in a dramatic newsworthy fashion, and now Vidya has Dengue fever.  Not a good month!

Unless this is all an elaborate revenge plan?  Vidya, resentful of her ex-boyfriend living below her, and grown increasingly embittered thanks to the downturn in her family fortunes, climbs down the side of the building ninja style, pulls out dengue infected mosquitos from her air sealed container, plants them in his pool, then climbs back up the building, infects herself, and just waits for it all to play out.  Genius!



5 thoughts on “Shahid Gives Vidya Balan the Disease That Killed Yashji!!!

  1. This is a really weird news story 🙂

    Anyway, how do you feel about Varun announcing Judwaa 2 with his dad? It’s supposed to come out in September of next year. Honestly, I’m not too excited about it but Main Tera Hero was pretty entertaining!


    • It’s such a weird news story! Like, I wouldn’t believe it if I read it in a book.

      I’m okay with Judwaa 2, playing a double role is another step in proving your qualities as a leading man. and Judwaa 1 was kind of fun. I am okay with Dhawan films, so long as the heroines are strong, so my big questions is who will be cast opposite him?


      • Based on the rumors, it seems like Parineeti Chopra is gonna be in it for sure. Until this morning, I saw a long of rumors that Jacqueline Fernandez was gonna be in it but today there was a report that said it has Illeana and Parineeti.


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