Let’s Look at Some Romances of Consumerism!

Another ad post!  I just keep finding awesome ones!  Also, I realized I still hadn’t posted the epic Ponds Saif and Priyanka series, which rivals the Anthony Stewart Head (yes, from Buffy) Taster’s Choice ads from England in its romantic scope.

I’m going to build to Ponds.  First, Hrithik and Sonam and the romance of phone cameras!  He’s just a stalker, right?  I mean, she’s into it, but if she wasn’t, this would be super creepy!


And then the darker version of the exact same story!  Is this just a coincidence or is one ad referencing the other?


And finally, Ponds!  Part 1!  I am pretty sure this is the exact same necklace Hrithik gave Rani and Kareena in Mujshe Dosti Karoge.  Did some props guy buy those things in bulk?


Wait, did she text him?  Or did he text her?  I’m confused!  Also, I would be pretty mad too if my boyfriend ripped half my nail off!  That HURTS!!!


Okay, I think I understand now.  She was going to text him that she still loved him, and then changed her mind and just texted “be happy”.  And then Neha was mean and fake texted “leave me alone”.  If only this was a cell phone ad it would all make much more sense!  Although, wait, the cell phones are driving them apart, right?  Cell phones=bad for love, don’t buy them!  Buy Ponds Beauty cream instead.


It took me more watches than it should have to realize he was stunned by the lack of necklace on her chest, not by the pinkish-white beauty of her chest (thanks to Ponds!)


Wait, if he loved her all long, why was he even with Neha?  I’m so confused!  My American brain can’t handle ads this complex!


Although if I was British, apparently I would have been able to handle it no problem.  Let’s take a look at those epic coffee ads, shall we?




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