Friday Classics: Trishul! Yashji and Amitabh Create Magic Again

My favorite Yashji and Amitji’s film!  Not the best one, that I know, but my personal favorite.

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Happy Birthday Yash Chopra! Part 3, my final reasons to love you (plus Ravi’s Birthday too): 55-84

No one is reading these posts, but I don’t care!  It’s Yash Chopra’s birthday, I love Yash Chopra, and watching his songs and reading about him for this just cheers me up.  Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

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Happy Birthday Yash Chopra Part 2! 32 through 55!

Okay, let’s do this!  Possibly nobody but me cares as much about Yashji, but come on!  The man invented a whole genre of film!  Founded the only studio still on firm financial ground!  Created generations of stars!  He deserves 84 reasons to love him on his birthday.  Even if they are mostly songs. Part 1 here and Part 3 here.

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Parampara: A Movie About Tradition in the Long Tradition of Movies About Tradition

Parampara!  Or, Tradition!  (and now I have that Fiddler on the Roof song in my head)  Anyway, this was a terrible terrible movie.  And it was a Yash Chopra film!  He must have run out of either money or interest at some point in the middle, because it is just confused and dull in a way that Yashji doesn’t usually let happen.  In fact, I feel fairly comfortable saying this is probably the worst film Yash Chopra ever made.

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Lamhe: I Don’t Know Why, But I Am Suddenly Remembering “Moments” of Lamhe (Ha!)

Yash Chopra is so good!  Even in Aaina, one of his weaker films, his brilliance stood out.  And then Darr was just fantastic.  But I honestly think Lamhe might be his greatest triumph.

(if you like Sridevi movies, I also did a post on English/Vinglish and Chandni went up today)
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Aaina: Why Would Anyone Ever Pick Amrita Singh Over Juhi Chawla?

It makes no sense!  I can barely get over the idea that Amrita Singh and Juhi Chawla would be fighting over Jackie Shroff (Even I have to admit that he does look good in a mustache), but why would Jackie Shroff ever be interested in Amrita Singh if he could get Juhi Chawla?  She is so clearly superior!

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