Oozham (NO SPOILERS): Because I Couldn’t See Oru Muthassi Gadha

This was…..fine?  A couple of clever ideas in the script (could tell it came from the same mind as Drishyam), Prithviraj did a good job (of course), and I guess the action was all right?  But it was just sort of missing something.

Okay, I know this is shallow and all that, but before anything else, can we talk about Prithviraj’s hair? Really, his hair and his body.  His hair was super super short, with this odd sort of line around it, like the bottom have is even shorter than the top.  And his body was super big, with that kind of “inflatable man” look that usually means the body is bulked up.  His face was a lot bigger too, which did not do the greatest things to it.  Made his nose look all thin and his cheeks look kind of flabby.

Mostly this is just me being shallowly distracted by appearance.  But it is also part of a greater vibe in this film, that it wasn’t exactly the main focus for anyone involved.  Prithviraj’s look made no sense for this, but I bet it makes perfect sense for some other movie he was filming right before or right after.  And he didn’t really care enough to try to change the look just for this.  And no one else involved really cared enough to figure out how to camoflouge it with hats or wigs or tailored outfits.

Not that it ruined the movie or anything, it was just a slight little flaw that you had to kind of force yourself to overlook, because no one bothered to cover it up before the movie came out.  There were a lot of those little flaws.  A couple of moments of really bad CGI, a noticeable lack of furniture in some sets, songs that ended a little too fast, that kind of thing.  Oh!  And the Playboy club!  Which was miss-identified as an underground club with no cameras.  Did you know there actually is a Playboy club in Hyderabad?  So that part was realistic, but it wasn’t realistic that said club would not have a state of the art security system.


So that’s the stuff that wasn’t quite right, just a general feeling of a lack of care.  But what was right?  Well, I liked the relationships.  They felt lived in and natural in a nice way.  I liked the plot twists and schemes in the second half, they were legitimately surprising.  I liked the songs, including one song at the “Playboy” club which was a really honest to goodness dance number!


And the cast was….okay.  Prithviraj was good, of course.  Neeraj Madhav plays the second lead, and he was okay with what he had.  A nice vibe with Prithviraj.  However, I have seen him in like 4 other movies and I have no memory of him, which either means that he is such a chameleon, he disappears into his roles, or it means he is just never really memorable.  The main villain was great, Jayaprakash, another behind the scenes guy turned actor who I recognized from his cameo in Ustad Hotel.  The heroine wasn’t terrible memorable, neither good nor bad.  It looks like this is only her second movie?  She is about what I would expect for a second movie.

So, yeah!  Over all, a resounding “Okay!”  I am much more excited about Oru Muthassi Gadha, because it is by the same person as Ohm Shanthi Oshana and  the plot looks really unique.  But that’s not playing anywhere near me, so in the meantime, this one was fine to watch.

9 thoughts on “Oozham (NO SPOILERS): Because I Couldn’t See Oru Muthassi Gadha

  1. You have seen neeraj madhav in Sapthama shree thaskara ( one of the seven thieves) who gets arrested for stickering his shop name in the soap box which has hidden camera and in 1983 where he plays nivin pauly’s friend. At that time he was very slim.


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