Shahid and Mira imitate Aditya and Rani, So Do Soha and Kunal

Okay, not in the same way, but both couples just announced a new move that Aditya and Rani did first.  Truly, Adi and Rani are the leading couple of Hindi film!

First, Shahid and Mira.  They have named their baby!  “Misha”, for “Mira” and “Shahid”.  Just like Aditya and Rani did, with “Adira”.  And, just like when “Adira” was announced, my reaction is “really?  Isn’t that just incredibly egotistical?”  Also, what are you going to do if you have more kids?  How many more names can you invent based on two two-syllable names?  “Raad”? “Yari”?  and “Rahid”? “Miid”?  This whole thing is just a terrible idea and I disapprove of it!  Not that they asked me, or care what I think, just putting it out there.

Image result for shahid kapoor baby


Speaking of ideas about which I have doubts, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu have announced they are starting their own film studio.  Yes, just like Yash Raj.  I don’t know about this idea.  They are calling it “Renegade Films” and will be looking for backers, because they don’t have any money.  Huh?  So, you are going to develop and come up with the ideas and just assume the money will appear from somewhere to actually turn them into a film?  I know this is the business plan for a lot of these smaller houses, but they are usually founded by people with some kind of history of success in producing, and some experience in raising funds.

It could turn out all right, their first project is supposed to be a “biopic on a living legend” and if it turns out to be someone that Soha can gain unprecedented access to through her family connections (like, her mother), that might be enough of a “hook” to get them some funds.  But I have limited faith in Kunal Khemu’s ability to be of any practical use for anything.  Besides looking really good in hipster hats.


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