Rakesh Roshan Gives Shahrukh a Christmas Present

A news item from Times of India!  I am shocked!  Usually they are far behind on the news, or far ahead (a nice way of saying “reporting unverified gossip”).  But this time they scooped Bollywoodhungama on a big story!

Rakesh Roshan has announced that they are of course moving Krrish 4, not having realized that Shahrukh already announced his Aanand L Rai movie for Christmas 2018.  Really, Rakesh?  You didn’t know that?  The story that was reported through out all the media news, and re-tweeted by every industry player?  What, were you living under a rock?

He also says:

“It is unethical for me to release my film on this date as Shah Rukh has already announced his movie.”

Uh-huh.  Just like the Roshan’s announced for Republic Day before Shahrukh took it for Raees.  Well, that’s hardly even a “reading between the lines” message, that’s next door to just coming right out and saying “See, Shahrukh!  This is how decent fair people deal with date clashes!  First come, first serve!”  Oh, and then he twists the knife a little:

“As far as Shah Rukh is concerned, he’s like a younger brother to me. I gave him a break in ‘King Uncle’, and then worked with him in ‘Karan Arjun’ and ‘Koyla’.”

Did you notice the “brother” bit?  Putting Shahrukh a generation above Hrithik?  And the little reminder that he was just some poor random boy from Delhi that the Roshan’s graciously let be in their films?

Really, hats off to Rakesh!  This is all very superior gamesmanship!  I didn’t see what he was doing with the original Krrish 4 announcement, but turns out it was brilliant!  It’s a complete win-win for him.  Either Shahrukh would come to the bargaining table and agree to move Raees if they moved Krrish 4.  Or, he wouldn’t, and they would give in from their side and issue all these hidden message statements that just put more pressure on him with Raees.

I don’t know if any of this will actually work, but I really really hope not!  I’ve been waiting over a year for Raees, I can’t wait any more!

(Such a good teaser!  That I have been watching for 14 months with no trailer, let alone film, in sight!  Oh, by the way, reports say the trailer will finally be released with Dear Zindagi.  That makes sense, two arty Shahrukh movies stuck together)


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