Happy Baby Shahid and Mira!!!!

Shahid had his baby!  Based on how open he and Mira have been about their married life so far, I expect photos and videos to start popping up shortly.

Shahid and Mira really have been unusual in how open they are about their married life.  Especially considering she is just some college student from Delhi with no film connections!  She has just embraced the all-access life style.  And is remarkably photogenic!  Do you think they did a screen test or something before they confirmed the engagement?

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And now they have a baby!  A little girl, meaning she is a potential marriage partner for AbRam, Azad, and possibly Saif and Kareena’s imminent child (if they have a boy).  Of course, that would mean her husband would be younger than her, but we know Saif is cool with that.


Anyway, congrats Shahid and Mira!  I hope this means good things for Shahid’s career, because he really is one of the most talented actors working today, if only he could manage to get that one big hit!

I mean, look at this range!  Silly action movies with silly sexy songs.


Period romance with a Shammi Kapoor homage song (and he really does look like Shammi!  Despite the completely different body types, he nails the dance moves!)


And he can do quiet and sweetly serious and wistful too!


And he can do character parts too!  Totally ridiculous over the top roles that are far outside the usual “hero” part.


And the completely dark anti-hero type parts too.


And on top of all this, he is even able to do the Rajshri hero role, more successfully than anybody else besides Salman!


Rajshri song seems like the appropriate thing to end on for a birth announcement, right?

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