1:Nenokkadine : Almost Too Many Good Ideas for One Film to Contain

This was such a good movie.  SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!  All these cool concepts and visuals and ideas!  Really, the only flaw was that there were too many good ideas, it was kind of overwhelming.

Really, SUCH a good movie!  I was extremely impressed.  It took an interesting plot hook, and managed to give it some real character depth.  And at the same time, to use it as a great jumping off point for some really impressive technical fireworks.  And on top of that, there was a great meta-statement about fame and fans and stuff!

It all starts with Mahesh Babu, because he’s the kind of star that all his movies have to start with him and then build out.  He has a very remote affect onscreen, you don’t usually get a sense that he is out of control, it feels like his mind is ruling his emotions at all times.  Not that he doesn’t feel anything, but it is all funneled through his intellect and kept tightly structured.

That’s what I really liked about him in Pokiri, my favorite Mahesh movie (so far), how even while he was playing this game of being a crazy gunda, it still kind of felt like a game.  Like he wasn’t really serious about it, didn’t really care about anything he was doing.  And then at the ending, it all kind of came together and made sense.

This movie puts its cards on the table right away, and establishes Mahesh as a super competent and intelligent person, who has ruthlessly put down anything that can’t be explained by his intelligence.  Which is the central conflict of the character, as he struggles to use his mind to solve a problem caused by his mind.

The movie also establishes Mahesh as someone who can do anything.  If it had been my first Mahesh Babu movie, like it was for Moviemavengal, I might have had a bit of a hard time with that, a rockstar who for some reason is also an expert at hand-to-hand combat and cars and guns and all the other action hero things.  But, luckily, I have seen enough Telugu movies now that that kind of thing doesn’t bother me any more.  Obviously he is the best at everything!  He just is!  No explanations necessary.

I suppose it might have worked just as well in some ways to have Mahesh’s character be a police officer or a government agent or a soldier, something that would explain his skills (they even have him meet with a kindly cop as a small child, which could very easily have lead to him being adopted and becoming a cop in honor of his adoptive father).  That would have strengthened the action part of the film.  But then you would lose the fun it has with making Mahesh, essentially, play himself.  And more importantly, letting all the characters react to him as though he were himself.

In my Kabali review, I talked about how there was a character clearly put in to stand in for all the young male worshipers of Rajnikanth, to fulfill their fantasy of interacting with the great man.  And it worked because Rajnikanth’s character was so close to Rajnikanth’s position in real life, as this aging hero for the youth.  The same thing is going on here with two character’s in Mahesh’s life, one minor and one major.

The heroine is clearly a stand in for all the swoony Mahesh fangirls in the world.  That’s how Deepika was originally introduced in Om Shanti Om, and then they pulled back from that idea a little, but in this film, they go all in the whole time.  She is first introduced going wild watching him at one of his concerts.  Later, she appears to be a professional and ambitious reporter, but turns out that was just a facade, at heart she is just a girl in love.  Before she even met him or interacted with him, she loved him.

And the fantasy continues, with him letting her see through to the real person behind his fame and wealth, bringing her along on fabulous globe-trotting trips, and so on and so on.  Yes, there is a lot of life and death action scenes going on in the middle of this, but it’s also every fangirl’s dream, to be recognized for your true faithful love for your hero, to get to spend time with him, to have him fall in love with you and whisk you off to join his amazing life.

The fame adds a little extra interest and twist to the film as a whole, he doesn’t just have to hide from his enemies, he has to constantly try to avoid the media and fans.  He has extra power over the police when he is riding high, but they are also extra eager to arrest him when he is low.  And everything in his life is news.  Again, very reality-Mahesh like.

All of that fame and stuff, that’s just extra plot fluffing, and I suppose it could have been removed.  The real heart of the film is in the emotions that drive Mahesh, and how they are visualized onscreen.  It feels kind of silly to put a SPOILER here, because it is all explained like ten minutes into the movie, but it’s also such a cool idea, I really want you to see it for yourself.  So, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER









Mahesh is introduced at this huge stadium concert, Kriti (the heroine) is in the crowd and goes mad as soon as he appears and hands off her recording equipment to someone else so she can dance.  But, at the end of the song, Mahesh sees this crowd of dark figures walk in.  He jumps off the stage and runs after them.  Kriti runs after him, with her video camera.  Mahesh is hit by a car, steals a motorcycle, chases the car, slides the motorcycle under it just so to make it flip while he coolly escapes.  Then he pulls the men from the car one by one and fights them, finally ending with some older guy with a scar who taunts him, and then Mahesh stabs him with a broken bottle, killing him!  Cut to, Mahesh handing the broken bottle to the cops and turning himself in.  Not just for killing this guy, but for two others who we see in quick flashback, one in England, one in Goa.  Mahesh explains that they were the men who killed his parents, and now he has revenge, and he is done.

Since he’s a famous singer, this news is reported everywhere.  Except Kriti’s station, where she makes her boss wait until she has her report ready.  And then presents it to the world, the video she made of the whole fight.  And it is the whole fight, hit by the car, jump on the motorcycle, slide the motorcycle, pull them from the car, beat them up, stab with bottle, only it’s just Mahesh there!  He imagined the whole thing!

This is just SO COOL!  From a purely technical stand point, to see them remove all the other elements from the scene one at a time and just leave Mahesh is super neat.  It’s like showing us how the magic is done, because of course in real life, actors aren’t actually hit by cars or any of the rest of it.  It’s like showing us the storyboard version of what the scene would be like, how the stunts would be done with just Mahesh in mind.  Awesome!

And then from the more philosophical side, how the star of the movie sees himself as the star of a movie.  He has to get revenge on the men who killed his parents, so he invents these elaborate filmi fight scenes, just like people usually get revenge, in order to work through his angst.  And, later, how this will all fold into itself, when he learns to doubt the fantasy, at the same time it becomes really.  So the star of the movie DOESN’T see himself as the star anymore, but everyone else does!

It’s not the last crazy cool fight scene in the film. After Mahesh returns home, he still believes he is in danger, even if no one else does, and when he sees intruders, he sets up his camera to photograph on auto every few seconds.  Which is both a cool effect, having the camera flash go on at a regular intervals, and a really cool meta statement about the Matrix effect fight scene that follows.  It slows down and freezes and uses 360 effects, in the way that is only possible through the little camera effect we saw Mahesh set up, putting the camera on a spinning table and setting it to go off at intervals.  It’s not that actual camera doing it, the angles are wrong, but some other camera must be set up in the same way to cause the audience to see what we are seeing.

Oh right, and we also get some kind of boring exposition in the middle of this.  Mahesh was found as a child running down the road begging a police jeep to stop.  He brought the police officer back to a bus and told him his parents had just been killed on the bus.  But when the officer checked, there was no blood or any other evidence of violence.  And the bus driver showed up to tell him that Mahesh was just a confused kid, he was always stopping buses and saying his parents had been killed on it.  The police officer took Mahesh to an orphanage, they were never able to trace his parents.

All of this is being told to the doctor who examined Mahesh (and Kriti is there too for some reason?) and the doctor explains that Mahesh’s brain works differently, his dreams and imagination are so strong that it might be hard for him to tell the difference between them and reality.  And, no doubt, he created this fantasy of his parents being killed by 3 men to explain his being an orphan and now clings to it so strongly, it is preventing him from acknowledging and dealing with his mental issues.

Mahesh continues to fail to deal with his mental issues, and goes off by himself to his boat in Goa.  Which is where the fangirl fantasy storyline kicks into high gear.  Kriti approaches him as a reporter and gets rejected immediately.  Seconds later, she approaches him as a fangirl who happens to also be a reporter, and really just wants to spend time with him.  Mahesh realizes he must have imagined the original Kriti and is so thrown by this, that he agrees.  But in their next meeting, when the same thing happens, he starts to doubt himself, to hide behind sunglasses and glance at those around him to confirm they are seeing what he sees.  He can’t trust his mind, but he is still using his mind, to work out logically ways around it’s restrictions.

And he even manages to “defeat” Kriti (who, the audience learns, is actually faking the whole thing with a camera crew following them).  He finds a connection to purchase a knock out drug and doses her, incapacitating her for 24 hours while he figures everything out.  Unfortunately, that also means she is knocked out when their boat is attacked and he has to rescue them both and take them to the EXACT SAME ISLAND where Hrithik and Amisha end up in Kaho Na Pyar Hai!  And Hrithik and Kareena in Yaadein!  Seriously, it must be part of some sort of regular Goa film production schedule, it shows up everywhere.

I like the idea of the fan stand in romance, but I kind of like the second half of the romance better, and it doesn’t fit with the first half, so I’d prefer throwing out the first half, to strengthen the second.  During the whole desert island thing, Mahesh figures out that Kriti was gaslighting him, but then twist!  She was just doing it because she loves him and wants him to get treatment!  She figured the only way was to convince him he was imagining lots of things, not just his persistent revenge fantasy.  And now Mahesh is in love with her?  All of a sudden?

See, this is the bit that works a bit better for me.  Where Mahesh is in love with Kriti and trying to “cure” himself to be worthy of her, but she is just worn out and heartbroken by his behavior.  And it’s a different kind of fantasy for the fan, having the famous beloved actor camped out outside her house, waiting for her to forgive him.  Oh, and it’s also a cool twist, with Mahesh slowly figuring out which bits were his fantasy and which were reality, and that all the reality bits involved an attack while Kriti is with him, so she’s the target!  Not him!  But she won’t believe him, because she thinks he’s crazy!

Now, this alone would be a really cool movie.  The guy with mental issues stumbling onto an actual conspiracy, and his girlfriend not believing him.  And there are some super cool bits here, like when he tries to prove to her that he is “cured” because he isn’t attacking, even though he is hallucinating a man holding a knife to her throat, when there actually is a man holding a knife to her throat!  Really, we get through this section all too fast for me.

Although the ending is jawdropping, having him stumble into his nemesis randomly in a bathroom, think it is a hallucination, and happily shoot him in the head in a cathartic effort at self-therapy.  That was awesome!  And a great break to bring us into intermission, with the realization that maybe he wasn’t imagining EVERYTHING.

The second half is where the twists come fast-fast-fast, but the emotional underpinning is also coming hard-hard-hard.  Now that Mahesh knows he wasn’t imagining his parents’ death, the film doesn’t look away from what a loss that was.  There’s a lovely repetitive image of him at the orphanage as a little boy, curled up on top of the chalk drawing he made of a woman.  And it also doesn’t look away from how damaging it was for him to have spent his life thinking truth was a lie and vice versa.  It’s ridiculous when I write it out, but I kind of bought the moment when he confronts a grieving family in the cemetery and yells at the Dad for sugar-coating the truth to his kid, because of the damage it can do when children are made to believe a lie.

There’s all kinds of details about why his parents were killed and so on and so on (magic wheat?).  But there are 3 moments that really land, and one really cool conceptial thing.  The first moment that really lands is when we learn Mahesh actually did kill one of those guys he thought he just hallucinated.  And the guy’s son has been tracking him down on his own journey of revenge.  Complicated because the son is a huge fan of Mahesh-the-rock-star.  There’s this great scene that combines the “whole world blind” problem of Mahesh killing his father for killing Mahesh’s father, but now having to accept that if his actions were correct, it is also correct for the son to kill him, with the conflict the son is feeling between this star he idolized and the guy he has to kill to be true to his father.  It’s really touching!  And I’m kind of sorry they resolved it so fast with the reveal that Mahesh didn’t actually kill the dad, he just almost killed him, and then someone else finished the job.

The other scene that lands really well is when Mahesh confronts the bad guy, and they both realize there is a stalemate.  Mahesh has the magic wheat he desperately needs.  But the bad guy knows who Mahesh’s parents were, information that Mahesh desperately needs on a convincingly primal level.  And the end of it is, Mahesh sacrificing his need for the greater good and killing the guy.  And I really felt the loss!  He sold me on that, on how hard it was to give up the idea of knowing his parents and his past.

And then the final emotional moment, when they are driving through the countryside and Mahesh suddenly remembers his childhood, and runs home, intercut with flashback tiny Mahesh (who was played by his own son in real life?  Is that right?) running in the past.  It’s a lovely bookend to the opening of the film, which was a brief flashback of the same tiny Mahesh running in fear through the forest, away from the happiness in his life that he is now running towards.

But that’s not the cool conceptual part!  No, that comes earlier.  Mahesh and Kriti are leaving the bank having gotten the magic wheat.  Mahesh suddenly grabs her arm and says “we’re going to be attacked”.  Then he shoots out the lights, like two dozen guys on motorcycles show up, awesome parking garage fight scene/shoot-out and at the end of it Kriti and the magic wheat have been taken.  Mahesh runs out and waves down a police car, but when the come back into the garage, even though he keeps describing what happened, they can’t find any evidence of it.  No!  Kriti’s been taken and the cops aren’t even listening to him!

Only, here’s the cool bit, we find out a few scenes later that it was all a set-up.  Mahesh knew someone out there wanted him, so he had to get himself arrested and Kriti and the wheat to safety.  So he used his imagination for “good”.  Everything after that moment when he said “we’re going to be attacked” was imagined, but imagined so well that he could convince everyone he believed it had happened.  Heck, he could convince the audience he believed it!  And the filmmaker played the same trick on us that he did before, and we fell for it just the same.  So cool!  The whole movie SO COOL!

30 thoughts on “1:Nenokkadine : Almost Too Many Good Ideas for One Film to Contain

  1. I need to rewatch this. You’ve given me a new perspective to view it — the fangirl aspect and how the fan view shapes the story. This wasn’t the best movie to be my first Mahesh, and I will likely enjoy it much more now. (And I can fast forward through the gaslighting bits that annoyed me!)


    • I’m so glad it was my 3rd or 4th or 5th Mahesh, whatever number I’m up to now. I think it’s definitely one of those where it is built with an expectation that everyone is already in love with him and familiar with his persona, so it really doesn’t work for a newcomer. Like Shahrukh and Happy New Year.


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  3. I’m so glad you liked it since 1:Nenokkadine is my second favorite movie of all time! This is a really special movie for me since this is the movie that really sparked my interest in Indian movies. I’ve always watched Telugu movies since I was a kid but I was never really passionate about Indian cinema until I saw 1:Nenokkadine in the theater in 2014.

    One of the most brilliant aspects of 1:Nenokkadine is the background score by Devi Sri Prasad. It’s so haunting! Also did you notice that when Mahesh is chasing the bad guy before the first “fight” there are some clues that show that he is imagining the bad guy. For example, there is a puddle of water that doesn’t splash when the car goes through it but it splashes when Mahesh’s bike goes through it. There is just a lot of small details like that which really make the movie brilliant! By the way, the kid who plays young Mahesh is his son, Gautham.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Okay, after hearing your story, now I really want to watch it again!

      It’s just so smart! All these little touches and things the filmmaker must have thought through, every frame set up just so. Like you say, brilliant!


  4. Yeah, it truly is a brilliant movie! I was really disappointed when it flopped big time and the major complaint against the movie was that it was too confusing. Plus it didn’t help that is was clashing with another big budget masala movie called Yevadu. Anyway here’s an interview that the director, Sukumar, gave after the movie came out: http://www.idlebrain.com/movie/postmortem/1nenokkadine.html

    You should check out Sukumar’s other movies too! 1:Nenokkadine is the only thriller he’s done since he’s mainly done love stories in his career, but I really like his movies. He also wrote the screenplay for a movie called Kumari 21F which is really good too! I would say that suggest that you watch either Aarya or Aarya 2 next though. Aarya 2 isn’t really a sequel, its like how Aashiqui and Aashiqui 2 are related. Actually every movie that Sukumar has touched is pretty good, except for Nannaku Prematho. I hated that movie since there was no logic in it at all. If I were you, I would make sure to avoid Nannaku Prematho, but I would gladly watch any of his other movies 🙂


      • Yes, Allu Arjun is a good actor! Other movies of his that I would recommend would be Parugu (remade in Hindi as Heropanti), Vedam (I actually never saw this movie but I’ve always heard that it was very good), Julayi and Race Gurram. And I already mentioned Aarya 2 earlier. Julayi and Race Gurram are more masala movies but they are fun to watch!


          • If you don’t mind, I’m gonna try to make a short overview of the stars in Telugu films. So you already know Mahesh Babu and Prabhas and I already covered Allu Arjun so I’m not really going to say much about them. By the way, all of this is from my personal perspective but I’ll try to be as objective as possible. Currently there are 2 big stars (like the 3 khans) in Telugu: Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan. There are 4 other big stars who you can equate to stars like Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan as in they are big stars but they aren’t the largest crowd pullers.

            Pawan Kalyan: I honestly don’t feel that he is a good actor but he has a large fan following. He has some mannerisms that are present in every movie since that’s what his fans expect from him. His best movies are those in the beginning of his career like Kushi and Thammudu. But I also like Attarintiki Daaredi which came out recently.

            Jr. NTR: In my opinion he is the most talented of the stars heroes in Telugu. He’s an amazing dancer and really good at dialogue delivery. Out of his movies, my suggestions are Adhurs, Yamadonga, and Brindavanam.

            Ram Charan: He’s what I consider the Abhishek Bachchan of Telugu cinema. Ram Charan is the son of Chiranjeevi who was the top star in the previous generation. He was literally competition to Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth in terms of stardom. Anyway, Ram Charan can’t act that well but he gets by since he inherited his dad’s fanbase. Plus Ram Charan is also an amazing dancer! The only movie of Ram Charan’s that I would suggest is Magadheera which was directed by Rajamouli.

            Other than the 6 top stars, the 4 top stars of the previous generation (Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, and Balakrishna) are all making a comeback or coming up with interesting movies in the upcoming year so the Telugu cinema is getting exciting. Nagarjuna’s recent movies that you should really check out are Manam and Oopiri.

            Also there are a bunch of young actors that are making many interesting movies. One youngster to check out is Nani who starred in Eega. You should check out his Yevade Subramanyam and Bhale Bhale Magadivoy.

            This is a lot longer than I expected 🙂 Anyway if you want any more suggestions, I’m always here to discuss!


          • Thank you! that was amazing! When I first got into Hindi film, back in college, this is how I got to learn about actors and stuff, from all my friends who would share the gossip and give me the quick and dirty intro. But now I don’t know nearly as many desis in real life and I have to rely on you nice people on the internet!

            I have seen Magadheera and Yamadonga, so I can check those off. But I don’t think I have seen anything with Pawan! Which sounds like a big gap in my knowledge base, so I’ll have to track down at least one of those you mentioned to fill it in!


          • I’ve noticed that non-Telugu people usually prefer Prabhas or Mahesh Babu for some reason. Pawan Kalyan just ends up slipping through the cracks. This is probably because Pawan Kalyan had like a 10 year slump from 2002 to 2012 so his good movies are either before 2002 or after 2012 plus he has done quite a few remakes in his career. But he still has a lot of craze among the Telugu audiences. Another movie I forgot to mention of his is Jalsa (it came out in like 2009, so maybe you could find it with subtitles). I don’t really like the movie as a whole but it is really entertaining and I think the romance is cute. I also feel like it is one of Pawan Kalyan’s best performances.

            Also, I wanted to mention that if you enjoy watching good dancing, you should watch Ram Charan’s movie songs. For some reason, he’s my favorite dancer. A lot of people like Allu Arjun and Jr. NTR more but I like Ram Charan. This is one of my favorites 🙂 https://youtu.be/22KJgdK6TxM


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  13. I feel stupid now because I didn’t like this movie.
    I liked the twists, Mahesh and many ideas from this but it was just too much and there were some things I hated. I didn’t like”love story” from the first half of the movie. It would be so much better if Sameera and Mahesh were already a couple, without wasting time on her being a fan etc. And there was too many scenes with this gangster with a ponytail. They should have focused more on him but in a different way, make him like a ghost, somebody we are not sure really exists (like cut the scene when he kills Sameera’s friend)

    Second half was much better. The scene when Mahesh finds a way to his old house was nice, but too long, man he had to do like 100 km from this bus stop. I’m not surprised he couldn’t remember the way.
    And the final question:why wasn’t he arrested for killing 2people? 😉


    • For the final question, I guess because he was a superstar? Or else because the storyline confused the police as much as it confused the audience so they never figured out he had done it.

      It’s definitely a movie that should come with a warning label “pay close attention! It’s super clever if you watch closely!” It didn’t do well in theaters either, I think because it’s not the kind of film you can appreciate if you are distracted.


      • I tried to be focused because I knew that it will be complicated (like I noticed that there wasn’t blood on the bottle Mahesh bring at the police station.). But after 1 hour I was tired because it was too confused.
        What do you think about idea that Mahesh and Sameera should already be a couple? They love each other, but she is tired that he is so concentrated on his past and the men he wants to kill.


        • Oh, I think that would absolutely be better! It made so much sense when you said it that I thought “wait, did I say that in my review? I should have!” The second half works so much better with him trying to protect her and this back and forth about what his illness means for their relationship and so on. I love them as an established couple. but it makes no sense for them to be that established after having only met each other a few days ago, and I don’t like the whole early romance part anyway, so I would say jettison that whole thing and just make them long term to begin with. Or at the very least, long term acquintances who just now fall in love.

          How about this? She is his PR person. They’ve worked closely together and she has had a crush on him for years. Everything else can stay the same, but it would establish her feelings a little better, and it would make sense for him to have such an immediate “wow, you love me? I love you!” response.


  14. Yes, I love your idea, it’s new love story but with roots. And everything is better than he saying:I have seen you like 2 times but I love you and I have never been so close to somebody.


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  16. I read your review and gave this one a try….nope Mahesh Babu is still the robot-zombie with absolutely no expression on his face. His ears are weirdly shaped & the face has a peeled potato look.Deadpan eyes. I was distracted by Kriti’s pretty, sexy costumes & figure to care about their romance & the plot was just too convoluted. The songs were good but Mahesh can’t dance.. There was a funny meme that compared Mahesh with Fatima Sana Sheikh with her Dangal haircut. I’m blabbering here because elsewhere I will be lynched.


    • Someone, now I am blanking on who, said that they liked coming to my blog because it is “peaceful”. Which is true! so go ahead and dump all over a star you don’t like (in a way that reflects his performing abilities, not personal hatred), no fights will happen here, at the most just people saying “that’s interest, I like him because…..”

      Mahesh does have a remarkably lowkey acting style, which I think turned into an asset in this film since he is supposed to be hard to read. But yeah, the plot is super convoluted. It reminded me a lot of Spyder, in that it is a good movie, but not a universal movie. I loved it because I like convoluted plots with fancy visuals. But that’s not going to be an all around taste, and that’s okay.


      • Your blog is indeed a place for healthy exchange of ideas & opinions & a great place to learn new ideas..though I thought some of Moime’s comments were little harsh..anyways Mahesh’s low key , deadpan acting is a standard in all of his films I have seen..and even in an interview with Rajeev Masand. So maybe that’s just him being him always & that kinda puts me off…where’s the range, the flexibility, the charm..I suspect his stardom is a case of tall,fair South Indian star kid(nicknamed Prince) with a sophisticated, intelligent guy image.


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