Happy Birthday to One of My Favorite Commentators!

Commentors?  Commentatorite?  I think I’ll stick with Commentator.  Anyway, I’m not going to call you out, but you mentioned in passing your birthday over two months ago, and I immediately wrote and scheduled this post for today as a special treat.  Feel free to identify yourself in the comments if you want! (you mentioned your birthday more recently, but I want credit for figuring it out and scheduling this post ages ago before you came right out and said it!)

This particular commentator is one of the first to really help me get into southern films.  She suggested MY FAVORITE Telugu film (tied with Bujjigaddu and Bahubali), Manam.


And after that movie made me fall in love with Nagarjuna, she suggested Santosham.


And patiently reminded me about Manmadhudu for literally years while I tried to track it down (since I am writing this from The Past, I have no idea if I ever did watch it)


She also alerted me to the promos for Kaatru Veliyidai, which lead to my first ever Tamil film in theaters experience.


And she informed me that the hero of Kaatru isn’t nearly as attractive and star powerful as his older brother, which brought me to 24, another one of my All Time Favorite films!


And she also patiently reminded me of another Suriya movie until I finally watched it (or not, again this post comes to you from The Past), Vaaranam Aayiram.


And finally, Anonymous Commentator doesn’t just teach me and talk with me about Tamil and Telugu stuff, she also is one of the first who spoke up and said “You HAVE to watch Luck By Chance!”  And, after over a year, I finally gave in and did.  Which of course lead to my epic 8 part series on it.


Now, that’s what all Anonymous Commentator has done for me (plus just in general being one of the most regular commentators in the comments section!), now what can I do for her for her birthday?  Well, I can provide cheerful collections of things that I know she likes!


Let’s start with some Mahesh Babu.  Back in The Past when I am writing this post, Spyder hasn’t come out yet.  Let us assume that it is a big hit and a wonderful film and this song will bring up happy memories.


I know the Mahesh film that triggered Anonymous Commentator’s love and respect for movies is 1:Nennokadine (which is one of my favorites as well).


Moving on from Mahesh, let us look to Anonymous Commentator’s other favorite, Varun!  The movie that made her a fan for life (as it did many of us!), Humpty Sharma.


And another one of her favorites with him, Main Tera Hero!


Let us also assume that Judwaa 2 is a big hit and a fun film and this song brings up lots of happiness.


And I know this will bring back happy memories, because it was one of her favorite films of the summer!


And this was her favorite movie of the spring.


But mostly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Here, have a completely inappropriate and overly sexual Yo Yo song video to celebrate!!!!

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    • Have a happy Thanksgiving to you too! I just got back from a very nice late dinner with Grandpa and am about to enter turkey-coma zone.

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