Kirti Kulhari and Sajid Nadiawala Agree With Me!

Ha!  I am both artistically and financially correct!  Kirti agrees with my Pink review, and Sajid agrees with my theory as to the future of Indian film studios.

In my review, I talked about how Taapsee has been presented as the “lead” actress in Pink, but really Kirti was the one who impressed me.  And, in many ways, had the strongest role.  And Kirti herself says the same thing in a Bollywoodhungama interview!

I have as much to do in the film, if not more, as any of the other female characters in the film and if anything, my breakdown in the court scene is one of the major highlights and turning points in the film. So, I really don’t know why it should be seen any other way by anybody but as a lead.

She also agreed with my point that the 3 women supported and helped each other in a really special way that you don’t often see on film.

we are all supporting each other. Girls in crises often do in life. We all play different roles and support each other, but are the protagonists of our own life stories.

Of course, both these points are kind of obvious when you watch the film, that Kirti has as strong a role as Taapsee and that the 3 leads support each other through the crisis, but still!  Me and Kirti, saying the same thing!



The other story is a little bit more industrial.  Sajid Nadiawala, who’s just finishing a 3 film deal with UTV after a 3 film deal with Eros, is now looking at going off on his own.  No big corporate tie up, finding his own funding.  Which is what I am always saying is the better way!  Small flexible family companies with no stupid MBAs involved.  Just artists who were raised in the industry and have plenty of personal connections.  If 5 years from now, UTV, Reliance, Eros, and all the other biggies are gone, and it is just a bunch of tiny little artist lead studio houses, I think the industry would be a lot healthier.

(Also, Sajid Nadiawala news always reminds me that he was married to Divya Bharti, and then I think about how much I liked Divya Bharti movies, and then I am happy)


2 thoughts on “Kirti Kulhari and Sajid Nadiawala Agree With Me!

    • Hmm. Red Chillies is much closer to Dharma or Excel in terms of size. While still being built around a singular artistic vision and brand. And like the other houses, it has so far been a co-producer with one of those major corporations on its pictures. Although, it dipped its toe into distribution with Dilwale. And with Raees and Dilwale, in some ways it was taking the place of one of those corporations, with Excel and Rohit Shetty films providing the vision and Red Chillies providing the promotions and part of the funding. They did that as early as 2012 as well, helping to fund Karan’s Student of the Year. Only, that funding isn’t coming from some complicated multi-national scheme, it’s just from Shahrukh’s personal fortune. And, more importantly, it isn’t based on some kind of MBA graph of what is profitable, it’s based on Shahrukh sitting down with his friend Karan (or Rohit or Farhan) and figuring out how much money they need.

      That’s just in their new film wing. Red Chillies is also quietly constantly expanding, beyond the definition of the usual “production house”. For instance, just recently they bought up the rights to a ton of old SRK movies (just like Yash Raj did with all the old Yash Chopra films a few years back). They also own a majority share of the Kolkatta Knight Riders. Most importantly, their VFX wing is the largest branch of the company, and works with all the other major houses. It’s a solid source of income, with no worries about if a movie will hit or not, they get paid either way.

      They kind of don’t really fit with anything, is the real answer! They are too corporate to be just another vanity house for a Star. But too star focused to be a corporation. An odd duck.


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