Sushmita and Mosquitos, Siddharth Roy Kapur and the Presidency, Karan and Protestors, and BAHUBALI!!!!

I thought there was news today, but then  I dug into it, and yeah, there’s no news.  It’s just rumors and suppositions with famous names thrown in to make me click the link.  Oh well.

After Shahid, now Sushmita has been served a notice for having a mosquito breeding ground in her penthouse!  It’s a crime wave!  I don’t know how this fits into my “Shahid is a master criminal using mosquitos to destroy his enemy” theory, unless Sushmita is a heroine trying to use his own tactics against him in a shadow war for the health of the nation?  Yes, that makes sense.  I’ll go with that.


Siddharth Roy Kapur is possibly about to become president of the Film and Television Producers of India guild.  But, he’s terrible at his job!  He’s probably about to be fired from UTV!  Announcement expected everyday!  Well, maybe they think he’ll have a lot of free time now, and can really focus on Guild issues?


Bahubaali 2 is aaalllllmooooost done filming.  Now they are saying November.  This makes me nervous, because November means they only have 5 months for post-production if they want to make that April release date, and with the amount of CGI in the first one, I just don’t see them being able to do it in 5 months.  Please, Rajamouli!!!  Don’t move the release again!  You’re killing me!  Oh, but that’s not the big news.  The big news is, rumor has it a teaser will come out on Prabhas’ birthday, October 23rd.  YAAAAAY!  A teaser!!!!


And finally, protesters from the MNS have gathered outside Karan’s office.  The objection is to Fawad Khan (who has already left the country) being so prominent in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.  The demand is for Karan to cut all his parts from the movie.  Which, just based on the trailers, I don’t think is possible?  Like, I’m pretty sure Fawad is so prominent in the film, that if you were to cut him out, there would be no movie left.

Purely from the film side of things, I wonder what effect this will have?  The protests are strong now, but the release date isn’t for another month.  Will it have died down by then?  If not, how much of an effect will it have on the box office, I wonder?  When Karan has run into protests before, with My Name is Khan and Wake Up Sid, they were mostly limited to Bombay and had no effect on box office elsewhere.  But this time it’s kind of a national/international issue.  Could it even cut into his diaspora box office?  I presume Karan will stay strong, not just because he doesn’t give in to protests, but because he really doesn’t have any other choice.  At this point, he can’t take the loss of not releasing the film (no co-producer, no corporation, this one is all Dharma money), and short of digitally inserting another actor’s face over Fawad’s, I don’t see how he can do what the protesters want and remove him.


6 thoughts on “Sushmita and Mosquitos, Siddharth Roy Kapur and the Presidency, Karan and Protestors, and BAHUBALI!!!!

    • I don’t think he will. The only time he bowed to pressure before was with Wake Up Sid, and that time he still didn’t alter the film, he just apologized. Although it sounds like if Fawad has gone back home, they have already cut down on any planned promotional appearances and interviews with him, which is probably a good idea.


  1. My gut feeling is that Baahubali 2 will get pushed to July. Rajamouli is a perfectionist and he also probably realizes that there are a lot more expectations from Baahubali 2. Also he has a sentiment that all of his films that released in July are big hits. But you never know since Karan Johar already announced the release date and when that happens, the date doesn’t change often.


      • Simhadri, Magadheera, Eega, Maryada Ramana, and Baahubali were all july releases so that is considered Rajamouli’s lucky month. Also Baahubali was supposed to be an April release in 2015 but it eventually got pushed to July 10th. I doubt moving to July will change much since Tubelight (Eid release) looks like it will be in the last week of June.

        By the way, have you seen Pournami? It didn’t work at the box office but It’s one of my favorite Prabhas films! It’s a love story that incorporates classical dance and it was directed by Prabhudeva. One thing about Prabhudeva that interests me is that he directed feel good love stories in Telugu while he ended up directing masala movies in Hindi and Tamil.


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