Happy Birthday Yash Chopra Part 2! 32 through 55!

Okay, let’s do this!  Possibly nobody but me cares as much about Yashji, but come on!  The man invented a whole genre of film!  Founded the only studio still on firm financial ground!  Created generations of stars!  He deserves 84 reasons to love him on his birthday.  Even if they are mostly songs. Part 1 here and Part 3 here.

33. I love you because you followed up Kabhi Kabhi with a string of multi-starrers as only you could do them.

34. I love you because even while you were making a film a year, you kept your growing family in the loop, your wife sitting in on music meetings and investors hosted in your living room.

35. I love you because you had your first real setback with Silsila, and you dusted yourself off and picked yourself up and saved your money and came back 3 years later with another film.

36. And I love you because that film, Mashaal, was the first time you worked with Dilip Kumar, and you looked into him and saw not just the aging matinee idol, but a brilliant character actor.

37. Those multi-starrers after Kabhi Kabhi include Trishul, possibly my favorite Salim-Javed script with my all time favorite Amitabh intro.  So good you reused it in your final movie for Shahrukh Khan!


38.  And the first Yash Raj Dhoom song!


39. And then there’s Silsila.  Let’s start with the first overseas fantasy song of Indian film, and count down the other groundbreaking elements from there.


40. And then there’s the first time Amitabh used his own voice to sing on film.


41.  The first time seasons were used so clearly as metaphors for a relationship.  We already had the full bloom of summer, here’s spring, where it all starts.


42. And fall, when it is all dying.


43. Silsila may have been a brilliant movie, but Mashaal was no slouch either.  Check out Dilip sahib’s amazing breakdown in the rain!


44.  I love you because the 80s may have been your dark period for financial success, but you never let that stop you, you just kept making movies.

45. I love you because you came out of it in 1989 when you discovered your new muse, not another hero, but a heroine, Sridevi.

46. I love you because both Lamhe and Chandni are possible the most complex and sympathetic female roles in all of Indian film.

47. And now we are going to watch basically every song from Lamhe and Chandni!  Starting with Chandni, because it came first.  I love that the title song comes not when she is in love and happy, but when she is contemplating a life on her own.


48.  And even the love songs are so focused on her, Rishi in some boring sweater while she gets to shine in a whole array of saris.


49. Well, at least she gets to shine in her home ground.  There is the Delhi set love song with Sridevi convincingly playing the shy country girl.


50.  But that one song with Rishi as focus is more than made up for this awesome sequence where you use Sridevi to forceably inject energy into the scene.


51. Even after she had her heart broken, you still gave her that spark!


52.  And then there’s that intro song!  Where you made the audience fall in love with Sridevi at the same time as Rishi.


53. And then there’s Lamhe!  Less commercial successful, way more interesting to think about.  Like the way Sridevi clearly defines her two characters, even in the way they dance.  This is clearly the mother Sridevi.


54. While this is the daughter.


55.  Not to mention that you included a massive medley homage song sequence before anyone else!


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