TGIF: For Mother’s Day, Famous Mothers and Their Kids

I kind of skipped TGIF last week I think. I did the Star Wars post that was basically TGIF, but on Saturday. I’m doing it this week because I am on vacation an TGIF is pretty easy and quick to throw together. But maybe I skip again? I don’t know, when there are comments TGIF is really fun and good, but when there are no comments, the post just kind of lies there.

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Let’s Make a Match! Arjuns Edition (with bonus Hrithik)

Sorry to those of you who like deep thoughtful posts, my brain is fried and I have no thoughtfulness available too me.  Also, I have to write a church service.  Also do laundry.  It’s a busy week, no time for thought today!  So, join me in total superficiality!

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Silly Sunday: New Years Time Travel!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!  Obviously, I have to do a theme post.  I considered stories that revolved around New Years celebrations, but then I wasn’t sure what that would look like in India, so instead I am going with my sister’s suggestion and doing New Year’s combined with time travel.

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Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 2, Neetu to Diana Penty

I already put up one random actress post based on the first people I remembered off the top of my head. This time I want to bring together a whole bunch of random smaller actresses that I can cover quickly.  With some fairly random suggestions of films you could watch to get an idea of them, since all their films are kind of the same, one film is as good as another.  This should kind of fill in the background players of the industry, the minor artists who help bring it all together. Continue reading

Karan Johar Babies: What We Know So Far

I got a text and a tweet while at a tea room celebrating a friend’s birthday.  And then immediately had to tell everyone at the table, and then text everyone I know, and then write an emergency blog post so you could all share in the joy.  But now I am home, and I can scour all my favorite internet sources and see what I can find out!

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Sushmita and Mosquitos, Siddharth Roy Kapur and the Presidency, Karan and Protestors, and BAHUBALI!!!!

I thought there was news today, but then  I dug into it, and yeah, there’s no news.  It’s just rumors and suppositions with famous names thrown in to make me click the link.  Oh well.

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