Ready for a Bunch of Unreliable Unconfirmed Rumors?

I’m tired of sifting through the news to find the stories that are confirmed and reliable and also seem believable based on previous news stories!  I’m going wild and reporting a bunch of completely unverified stuff that people made up because it sounds good!

Okay, I’m going to go in slowly decreasing order of reliability.  First story, industrial news and fairly reliable because it is so boring, there’d be no point in making it up.  The Ittefaq remake, which apparently the BR Chopra family is working on, and which will star Siddharth and Sonakshi, will be different from the original because they are giving it a new twist ending and adding songs.  Hmm.  New twist ending=Good!  You need to surprise the audience somehow!  Adding songs=Bad!  The whole idea of the original was a movie without songs!  Just characters and script.  Although at least the casting is on point.  Sidharth is a pretty boy who no one really believes can pull off a deeper darker part (Ek Villain, sure, but how dark was that really?)=Rajesh Khanna.  Sonakshi Sinha, loveable bubbly young actress who you would never think could do anything wrong=Nanda.

(How dark is this, really?)


Next story, really just unverified from multiple sources, but everyone is reporting it, which makes me think it is true.  Supposedly, Salman picked up the phone and called Raj Thackeray and asked him to back off on Karan about Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shahrukh about Raees (because of Mahira Khan).  I think I mostly believe this?  Because it does seem like something Salman would do.  He is friends with both Karan and Shahrukh, but even if he wasn’t, the film industry really does take care of their own.  This kind of last minute protest asking for things that are just plain impossible is a baaaaaaaaaaaad precedent to set.  For the good of them all, it needs to be stopped.

Also, and this is just me putting some things together, but I wonder if his relationship with Farhan Akhtar was a factor here as well, since Farhan is producing Raees?  There was a really cute interview I saw with Salman a year or so ago, maybe it was on Farhan’s birthday?  Anyway, there was some reason to ask him about Farhan, and Salman started talking about how the two families grew up together, he remembers carrying Farhan and Zoya around on his bike, and no matter what, they are still his little brother and sister.  Awwwww!


Next story, almost certainly made up from wholecloth but it fits a certain narrative that works.  Ameesha Patel, supposedly, was at a party in Delhi where she was complaining to a connected friend about her career.  The friend said “not to worry, I know someone who is opening a store, I’ll call them up and have them hire you!”  And then they called the person up on the phone, with Ameesha standing there, and poor Ameesha got to hear them say “Ameesha Patel?  No, we’re not going to hire her.”  Ouch!  Poor Ameesha!

(Poor Ameesha!  I still like her in “Lazy Lamhe”)


Next story, also almost certainly made up but it amuses me.  Times of India is reporting that, post break-up, Ranbir and Katrina can barely talk to each other, she definitely won’t be celebrating his birthday with him, and promotions for Jagga Jasoos might be tricky (Milenge Milenge all over again).  All of that is just common sense and nothing new, that’s not why I’m reporting this story.  No, I am reporting it because of the little extra bit they added at the end.  To recover from the breakup, according to “reports”, Katrina has bought a ton of healing crystals and covered her apartment in them.  Ha!


Oh, and then final story, which is really nothing.  On Ellen‘s talk show, Lea Michele was playing some game, I think “Would You Rather?”, and she turned down Tom Hiddleston because

“He’s got too much going on, I can’t get with that. It’s a lot. Now, there’s Priyanka Chopra, he loves her, they were flirting….”

6 thoughts on “Ready for a Bunch of Unreliable Unconfirmed Rumors?

  1. Surprisingly you have not written much about “M S Dhoni: The untold story”. Since he has been one of India’s most successful cricket captain’s, I think this has great blockbuster potential. Its releasing this weekend. Will look forward to your indepth analysis after it releases this weekend.


    • I know nothing about Cricket, so there wasn’t much for me to say. But I will be seeing it opening night, partly because I always do, and partly because my friend has a MASSIVE crush on Sushant.

      No matter what, it can’t be as bad as Azhar, right?


      • I did not watch Azhar, the poster did not create the buzz needed for me to even watch the Trailer. But Dhoni is different because here is a cricketer who is still playing, he is popular not because is the most talented but because is the best strategist of the game… a thinking cricketer, extremely popular all over India. The trailer seemed well made.

        As a warm up, you might want to watch “1983” the Malayalam film with Navin Pauly, its got cricket in the background… but its about the people, the year 1983 in the title refers to the year India (underdogs) won the World Cup, that was in a way the start of the cricket craze in India. 1983 is a must watch movie in its own right.


        • Luckily, someone already recommended 1983 to me, so I have seen it. But I am still at a loss with Dhoni.

          Which, oddly, makes me a little excited for this movie! I can go in sort of “unspoiled”. I don’t know when he joined the team or what games he won or injuries he overcame or anything! So I get to experience all of recent Indian cricket history fresh.


          • But, I know you’ve seen Lagaan. So, you know everything you need to know about cricket because the English lady explained it all. And, you also know how to make batting pads out of cotton and bamboo.


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