KRK Continues to be Krappy

I normally don’t use bad language, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration!  And really, the man is less than scum.

Remember a month or so back, when Ajay Devgn released a recording of KRK claiming that Karan had paid him to give a good review of ADHM?  Some reports were spinning it as an attack by Ajay on Karan, but other reports were spinning it as an attack by Ajay on KRK.  I leaned more towards the second, that Ajay was trying to break the yucky control KRK has on the industry by showing how he tries to extort from producers.

Ajay recently did an interview with rediff, which is kind of interesting all around, but has this quote about KRK:

It is sad that our clash got ugly. The idea was not to make it that way.

It wasn’t a war between him (Karan Johar) and me; it was an issue about this man (KRK).

I never claimed that he was paid. He tried to extort me by saying that he got paid.

How do I know he got paid? He could be lying to me.

I was taking a stand that I am not ready to get extorted. We should not influence such people and promote them in our industry.

Whatever issues Ajay has with Karan, and I do believe that there are issues, I also think they are both intelligent enough to know that there is a certain line that if you cross it, the whole industry suffers.  They aren’t going to pay extortion money to some disgusting internet troll to attack they other.  And they also aren’t going to break a story about extortion as a way of attacking the other producer.

Along the same lines, in that same rediff interview, Ajay spoke about the whole MNS/ADHM thing:

If your film starred a Pakistani actor, what would you have done, especially in the light of the Uri attack and that people are calling a ban on Pakistani actors?

I would have followed public sentiment.

Honestly, things which are already made, it’s not their fault.

We should take care about films that are going to start. We should not cast anybody right now till the problem gets solved.


Oh right, but none of that is the news today!  The news today, is KRK being really really scuzzy, again.  Apparently, he always flies to Dubai for the big releases, so he can see them a day early.  Which is a little scuzzy too, since legitimate reviewers get invited to screenings, and if there are no screenings, it means the producers don’t want you to see the film early.

This time he took it over the top and was extra scuzzy, posting a negative review of the film, including video he took inside the theater of movie clips!!!!!

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because I have totally watched those clips on youtube after seeing a movie, and enjoyed them.  But the clips I watch are posted by regular fans on their regular youtube channels, not for profit or publicity, but just to share the movie.  And more importantly, they are usually posted because people loved the movie and to spread the love, not because they want to destroy it.  There’s lots of “Most Awesome Fight Scene!!!!!” or “Shahrukh and Kajol in Love!” kind of descriptions.  It may be “piracy”, but it is good-hearted piracy.

But this is actively trying to get people NOT to see the movie, and using a professional platform to do it!  KRK is now being investigated for cyber crimes and piracy, and I’m kind of okay with that.  Also, it kind of makes me want to see Shivaay opening day instead of ADHM, just to make the box office bigger and shove it in his face.


4 thoughts on “KRK Continues to be Krappy

    • I guess? I don’t even understand fully what his job is, he seems to be a producer/actor guy, but he’s been running this sort of “public reviewer and commentator” thing for a while. Like, a professional troll who specializes in the film industry. If he has a website, I suppose he gets ad revenue from that, and maybe he is paid for public appearances or guest articles on other sites of something. But still, Blech!

      Although, if Ajay’s tape is anything to go by, maybe his profession is extortion. He is turning his trolling to profit by extorting small producers and others to stay on his good side. And posting Shivaay video and a bad review is the equivalent of breaking someone’s kneecaps to keep everyone else in line.


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