“Ugh” and “Aww” Videos

Two videos just popped up in world, one of them so bad I feel the need to share it and get moral support to survive it.  And the other so good that it seemed like my moral duty to put it out there.

We all know about the Republican Hindu Coalition event in Edison, right?  They flew in Prabhudeva and Malaika Arora Khan and a bunch of other people to perform, Trump called himself a fan of “Hindu”, and the whole thing was aimed at the idea that a Trump America will be an anti-Muslim America, allied with an anti-Muslim India?

You can get a fun sense of the whole thing from this buzzfeed post.  The organizers seemed a little overly focused on the Indian issues (Hillary Clinton allied with Sonia Gandhi?) and a little fuzzy on the American issues (Trump is for faster green cards?).  And there were “other” South Asians outside the event protesting, of course, because I would assume most South Asian Americans are more concerned about the terrible things Trump might do to America, than about the terrible things Trump might do for India.


As for what the Republic Hindu Coalition is thinking, I’m pretty sure they are thinking “Finally!  A candidate willing to pander to our interests!  We have arrived!”  It is kind of gross that, so far as I know, no other candidate has attended a Diwali related event, or issued a statement to Indian Americans specifically, or any of that.  Locally, sure, Obama campaigned down the block from me when he was running for Senate.  But he didn’t come back when he was running for president.

And now here is Trump, with a campaign ad aimed at satellite TV channels like Zee and Star.  I’m assuming it won’t have much of an affect, because just saying a few words in Hindi isn’t exactly enough to erase all the other terrible things he has said. But it’s still plenty gross and terrifying.




Now, ready for a nice palate cleanser to get that taste out of your mouth?  Trump, abuser of women, talked about evil Muslims.  And now, an “evil” Muslim supporting abused women!  Shahrukh visited a group of acid attack survivors, part of the group “Make Love Not Scars” and made their day.


Thank goodness we have Trump to protect us from these terrible people!

Oh, and so long as I am talking about how not-terrible Muslims are, check out this article about Islamic Relief volunteers who traveled to North Carolina to help after the hurricane a few weeks ago.  Islamic Relief is the largest Muslim charity in America, with over $100 million received in donations every year.  That means if every Muslim in America gave to this group, it would be $30 each.  Catholic Charities USA, for instance, gets about $140 million from donations, out of 69.5 million Catholics.  So I guess they are each giving $2.

Obviously, there are a lot of other factors here, most people don’t give to just one charity, etc. etc.  But if someone ever talks about how Muslims don’t care about America or giving back, remember you might want to mention that they seemingly care $28 more than Catholics.

Oh right, the article!  Islamic Relief started putting together action teams to go to disaster areas, not just funding, about 5 years ago.  And now they send them to disaster hit areas to help out, volunteers who give up their vacation days and spend their own money to come do what they can to help.  They wear their “Islamic Relief” blue vests so people can see who they are, but they have strict instructions not to proselytize or otherwise talk about religion.

Also, yes, they started this policy shortly after My Name is Khan!


(If it doesn’t start up at the relevant time, just go to 11 minutes in)

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