Happy 7 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

My 7 favorite Shahrukh co-stars!  Obviously, you know who number one is.  But the others may surprise you! (I’ve been doing this for 9 days now, 16 favorite films here, 15 favorite fanvids here, 14 favorite pictures here, 13 sad facts here, 12 happy facts here, 11 best films here, 10 best quotes here, 9 best performances here, 8 best ads here)

7. Kareena Kapoor Khan: When I think of jodis, I think of them as individuals, being able to perform well opposite each other and bring out the best in each other.  And I also think of that sort of magical 3rd element that comes out when they are onscreen together.  Kareena and Shahrukh really bring out good stuff in each other, and look great together, and all of that.  But, for me, there just isn’t as much of that kind of 3rd element that comes out through the magic of chemistry.  But they do look really good opposite each other!  Which is why Kareena is on the list, but the last one on it.

6. Divya Bharti: Shahrukh’s first co-star!  Both of them were just little babies in their films together, and tragically we never really got to see Divya grow up.  But there was something there, some kind of magic and chemistry between them.  I really believed they loved each other.

5. Arjun Rampal: Word is, post-Ra.One, they aren’t that close any more.  But for a while, they really were.  Which is why Arjun got the role in Don and in Om Shanti Om and in Ra.One.  And I love them together!  Shahrukh brings out a kind of madness in Arjun’s performance and wildness in Arjun’s performance, but Arjun is still so calm and beautiful, he kind of makes Shahrukh look extra crazy and unpredictable and un-heroic in contrast.  I love that, how they are always set up as yin and yang in their films.  Plus, of course, raw sexual tension!


4. Deepika Padukone: I wasn’t that fond of them as a couple in Om Shanti Om, they were fine, nothing spectacular, I was more interested in seeing Shahrukh with Shreyas Talpade than with Deepika.  But then in Chennai Express, excellence!!!!!  His cocky older guy attitude was amazing when contrasted with her total lack of respect or interest in his opinion.  And she had such strength!  Such sure strength, more than he did.  Which was exactly why they worked in Happy New Year too.  Shahrukh thinks he has all the cards and knows everything, and then Deepika constantly sets him back on his heels.

3. Saif Ali Khan: Top 3 might seem high, but come on!  Kal Ho Na Ho had some all time great couple scenes, and they weren’t between Shahrukh and Preity!  Plus, there were all the ads and the joint hosting and everything else.  The world knew it had lightning in a bottle with those two.  It’s kind of amazing they hadn’t co-starred before and haven’t since, especially since Shahrukh is childhood friends with Saif’s first wife.

2. Juhi Chawla: I think, in terms of knowing each other and enjoying working together and really loving each other in real life, Juhi is his best co-star.

Image result for juhi shahrukh funeral

(Shahrukh and Juhi at her brother’s funeral)

She’s known him since his first few years in the industry, they are business partners, they’ve worked together in 10 movies, she’s played everything from his wife to his sister-in-law to the terrified object of his affection.


1.1. Kajol: Really, did this surprise anyone?  Of course it’s Kajol!!!  There’s some kind of magic between them that is unusual not just for Shahrukh, but for, like, the world!  I don’t know if there is another couple onscreen that has ever been like them.  Maybe Raj and Nargis.  Or Fred and Ginger.  But it’s definitely a once in a generation kind of thing.

10 thoughts on “Happy 7 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

  1. I don’t like Shahrukh and Kareena as a jodi. I always get that feeling that she is like his child due to K3G. I really like him with Rani Mukherji though!


    • I thought about adding Rani, because I really like each of them individually, and they are fine as a couple, but I think in terms of pure chemistry he is slightly better with Kareena. And she is better with a bunch of other people too, Abhishek of course, but also Ajay and Shahid and Saif and even Hrithik, I kind of liked her better than with Shahrukh.

      Next year, if I do a longer list, Rani would definitely be on it!


      • Still loving the birthday posts! I’m sad that Rani isn’t on the list–I find their chemistry sweet, sexy, and believable. Juhi and Rani are my favorite co-actors with Shah Rukh, but I think it’s in part because of the types of movies he’s done with them. I’m more of an Aziz Mirza than a KJo type generally. 🙂 He and Madhuri look amazing together, but yeah, with the exception of some great scenes, the chemistry isn’t that sizzling.


        • Wow, I didn’t even think of Madhuri! And I was just talking about Koyla. It kind of feels like maybe they are both such big stars, most of the time you are watching them individually, not as a couple, when they are in a movie. Neither of them can really make space for the other. Except, as you say, for some great scenes when they really really focus on it.

          My personal theory is that’s why Sridevi and Madhuri both did so well opposite Anil Kapoor. He has this great non-threatening accommodating vibe onscreen, he can make space for his female co-star to shine on her own, and also be believable as part of a couple with her.

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          • He did act with her, in Army, a strange female revenge movie. He is in it just at the beginning, and then his death is her motivation. I’ve watched it a few times, but it is so confusing I still can’t quite understand it.

            Shahrukh was a little too big a star by that point to do just a little cameo type thing, I’ve always assumed he took the part because he knew it might be his only chance to work with Sridevi.


          • Next year! When I’m not deathly ill and can start a full month in advance. Everything will have more slots, and their be another 15 entries. Yeesh, 15 is a lot! Well, favorite outfits, favorite hair styles, favorite expressions… Yeah, I can totally come up with another 15! Settled, next year I start on October 2!


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