Deleted Song from ADHM released! But Where’s the Other One?

Just like Happy New Year and “Sharaabi” or Dilwale and “Premika”, Karan Johar is keeping the buzz going and celebrating a successful first week of ADHM by releasing another song.  But he must be sitting on another song video, because this is not the one I was waiting for!

I should have known there was a missing song, because Anushka says that she dreams of running through the streets of a foreign city and singing on a mountain and someone rushing to stop her at the airport.  And we see the last two, but not the first.


I wonder, do you think all the Ranbir-Shammi stuff is because they were especially close or because Shammi died more recently?  Would he be doing a lot of Shashi stuff if Shashi had died more recently?  I kind of think maybe there is something special with Ranbir and Shammi.  They had those little scenes together in Rockstar, and Shammi seems like he would be a really cool uncle, both to Rishi and Rishi’s son.

Image result for shammi kapoor and ranbir kapoor

Anyway, seeing Ranbir dancing to this song had a little touch of sadness to it, mixed in with the happiness, which I think was intentional.  It would have been there anyway, with any Shammi song, a little bit of nostalgia and a little bit of grief.  But having Ranbir sing and dance just added to it.  Works really well thematically with the film, happiness with a touch of bitterness in it.


But, more importantly, where’s my other song?!?!?!  This one:


Okay, yes, a lot of that is in the movie.  But the ice-skating, the pink coat, there’s a lot of scenes that aren’t in there.  Which I suspect are supposed to be part of a song reprise in the last part of the film when Anushka is always wearing the knit hat and they are back in London (notice how careful I am being to avoid spoilers?).  Where’s that song, Karan?  Are you going to make us wait until another successful week’s run is completed?


7 thoughts on “Deleted Song from ADHM released! But Where’s the Other One?

  1. Not to mention that the lines he says aren’t said by him at all in the film, but by Saba’s ex. (see no spoilers). I wonder if at some point he did repeat them, but Karan cut that.


    • Or else Karan had faith that the audience for the trailer would figure out who was playing the ex because they could recognize his voice. Which would seem paranoid, except I totally could!


  2. What do you think about the whole Mohammed Rafi controversy that started? People are saying that Karan released the song as damage control.


    • I think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! I was watching carefully this time to find the “insult”, and it’s just not there! Anushka casually says that she doesn’t like Rafi, because it always sounds like he’s crying when he sings. And that’s it, that’s the only “insulting” reference. The whole rest of the movie is filled with comments about how he wants to be Rafi, how Rafi was the greatest, how once he makes it he is just like Rafi, and so on and so on. And really, unless something was missed in the translation, I don’t even see saying that Rafi sounded like he was crying when he sang is an insult. I’ve heard the same thing said about Judy Garland, for instance, as an enormous compliment.

      I’m sort of surprised that the various playback singers are piling on to it, but I guess they need publicity as much as anyone else.


      • I don’t think it’s a big deal either but it seems like quite a few people are upset. I think people just like to hate on Karan and this is just a reason to get offended.


  3. I had to IMDB Rockstar to find out Shammi Kapoor’s character. I hadn’t realised he was in it. When I first saw it I was quite new to BW and wouldn’t have known who he was or his relationship to Ranbir.


    • It was promoted a bit, mostly as a nice little gift he was giving his nephew. He was extremely ill at the time (died soon after) and hadn’t been onscreen in a while. I think he probably knew, really the whole family knew, that it would be his last role. And he wanted to do something nice with his nephew. And most of the reviews kind of made a deal about the two of them together in that same kind of way, making a point to mention Shammi since we all knew it would be his last role. But outside of that context, yeah, my understanding is that it is a really tiny unnoticeable role.


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