New Dangal Trailer!

I got all mad at Aamir for taking up time on Shahrukh’s day.  But of course it’s only Shahrukh’s day in North America, everywhere else in the world his day isn’t until Friday.  So I guess I will allow it.

I’ll also allow it because I really like this trailer.  The last trailer perfectly captured the child voice of “But Daaaaaaaaad!  I don’t WANT to!”  And this one perfectly captures the feel of being a teenager and feeling like you can conquer the world.


But what’s so awesome is that for once it isn’t teenage boys doing the slo-mo cool walk, defeating their enemies, giving joy to their father and receiving blessings from their mother.  No, it’s girls!!!!  And it has nothing to do with their beauty or their lovable qualities or their “goodness”.  In fact, all of those traditional “female” things, the things that girls are taught to value, are rejected.  Their hair is shorn, they are hated by their opponents, and they fight dirty.  And they are rewarded for this!

My favorite moment of this song is towards the end, when you see them striding through the school halls, in their uniforms and short hair, and in the background two of their classmates wave and smile and kind of give them a look.  It’s not exactly jealousy, and it’s definitely not disdain.  More like hope?  Pride?  An idea that if these girls can be like that and walk like that and look like that, maybe any girl can?

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