Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I was thinking I would take a day off from blogging, but why?  At least 2/3rds of my readers aren’t from America, and Thanksgiving is one holiday that is really just for America.  At least on this particular date, I think Canadian Thanksgiving is in October or something?  Anyway, I am going to write this post and schedule it in advance, because I will be traveling and sleeping off Turkey on the actual day.

Not that many “thank you” songs in Indian films!  But there are a few.  First, from the movie that is a cheap Kaho Na Pyar Hai ripoff, but I actually like better than Kaho Na Pyar Hai (Vikram Bhatt>Rakesh Roshan).


Here’s an old “Shukriya” song with Rekha and Jeetendra and Reena Roy watching through a window.


And of course there’s the song I just posted a few days ago, but I really like!  Anil Kapoor is just so happy, and Aishwarya is so graceful.


Another song I really like, despite HATING the movie (like, Bombay Velvet level of just wanting to die rather than watch another second)


You know why there are so few giving thanks songs in Hindi film, right?

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