Is Sonam Kapoor Playing Madhuri in the Sanju Biopic?

Many interesting things to discuss with this story!  Mostly gossip stuff not industrial but, hey, in the Indian film industry, gossip IS industrial!

Bollywoodhungama and various other sources are reporting that Sonam is doing some kind of cameo in the Sanjay Dutt biopic with Ranbir.  Bollywoodhungama describes her role as:

We hear that Sonam will be seen in the role of a Bollywood actress and one of Sanjay’s former girlfriends from the industry but no such details have been divulged by the makers. – See more at:

So, Madhuri, right?  I’m not the only one to leap to that conclusion, Indian Express, for instance, immediately reached the same answer.  It’s the only one of Sanju Baba’s old girlfriends that we really care about.

And because she is the only one we care about, she is also the one with enough power to keep herself out of the movie.  Which means a cameo appearance, maybe recreating one of her classic songs (“Choli Ke Peeche”!  Please Please Please!), is probably the most we can expect.

And Sonam would be a good choice to play her, since Anil Kapoor, and the greater Kapoor family, have a long supportive relationship with Madhuri.  So Sonam is probably casting she would give her blessing to, or at least not complain about.

But then there’s the whole other part of this, Ranbir and Sonam coming together again after 10 years of backing and forthing and backing and forthing and their Dad’s getting involved and embarrassing him on satellite TV and so on and so on.  And now, co-stars!

So, I was saying, gossip is industrial.  Gossip has it that Madhuri used to date Sanjay, which matters because their dating lead to a great unconventional jodi onscreen.  And their break-up was another result of his legal troubles, which lead to his image problems.  And then Madhuri ran fast and ran far from any possible connection, and is still running.  Kind of like Aish and Salman and Viviek.  It makes me wonder if maybe it is because of their onscreen images?  A little more “sexy girl next door” than just “girl next door”.  But if they don’t want to lose the “girl next door” part of that, they have to be a lot more careful than, say, Juhi Chawla.  Who was so innocent onscreen, she could get away with (supposedly) dating Rishi offscreen.

(Oh Juhi!  Even when doing a sexy song with the older married man you are supposedly having an affair with, you just seem so innocent!)

And Sonam falls solidly on the Juhi side of that divide.  She’s never really been known for her sexy dance numbers (not saying she hasn’t done sexy dance numbers, just that it’s not the first thing that comes to mind).  She is always appearing in public with her family, she mostly keeps her private life private, really the only skeleton in her closet is her break-up with Ranbir.  And so she can afford to play Madhuri Dixit in love with Sanjay Kapoor for 5 minutes onscreen, opposite her own scandalous ex, while Madhuri herself can’t even acknowledge that she was ever in love with Sanjay even for 5 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Is Sonam Kapoor Playing Madhuri in the Sanju Biopic?

  1. There was another article which quoted the filmmakers saying that Sonam would not be playing any particular actress, but her role would be an amalgamation of several actresses that Sanjay used to date. So, no Madhuri. I’m surprised you didn’t see that, as that was actually the article which carried the announcement about Sonam. Unfortunately, I saw it at another forum, so can’t remember any details about the source.


    • I don’t know, I think I still believe it’s Madhuri. Or at least, Madhuri is the most famous of his former girlfriends, so that’s the one everyone will think she is supposed to be anyway, and the filmmakers must know that, even if they say “amalgamation”.


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