Silly Sunday: All About Eve Remake With Shahrukh Khan! Just Because I Want It

This is almost as indulgent as when I rewrote The Philadelphia Story.  Who in this day and age and on an Indian film blog knows the movie All About Eve?  To the point of remembering all the details of the characters and themes and stuff?  Oh well, it makes me happy, and keeps me tied to me roots (my roots being American movies before 1960 which were what I watched exclusively for the first 18 years of my life).  Anyway, Procrastinatrix suggested the idea, so I know she at least will be interested.

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Hindi Film 101: 5 Kinds of Item Songs, and Only One of Them is Bad

Every once in a while the war drums start beating about how item songs are the cause of all the bad things that happen to women in India, and it always bothers me, because “item songs” ends up including a whole range of songs that are completely different in meaning.  Oh, and this is kind of a partner with this post that goes into what objectification means, and this post that talks about male and female gaze)

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Silly Sunday 2: Sci-Fi Film Remakes, The Fifth Element to Martian Chronicles, Shahrukh to Dhanush

More suggestions from you!  Suggestions that also turned into reading recommendations for me, fun fun!  Oh, and plot ideas for movies I really want to see made, whether the stories are translated out of the sci-fi realm or not.

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Silly Sunday: Happy Birthday Sanjay, Here is My Best Sanjay FanFic EVER

Sorry sorry sorry!  Yesterday just completely wiped me out (22 guests is too many guests, especially when one of them has severe dementia and 4 of them are small children).  So I literally have not left my bed all day, and every time I try to think straight and come up with a brilliant fanfic, it all just sort of floats away from me.  So I am doing a reprint and failing you, my faithful readers.  Oh well, at least it is a really good reprint, based on Daboo Ratnani photos and Sanjay Dutt and his dog. Continue reading

Lazy Thursday Discussion Post: What in a Trailer Makes You Go “Yeah, I’ll Watch That Movie” (Inspired By John in Police Uniform in Satyamev Jayete)

It’s hot, the week isn’t over yet, and I am trying to avoid starting Sacred Games (it’s just SO BIG. I’m hoping if I carry it around with me everywhere, I can read it by osmosis).  So, let’s have a totally frivolous and silly discussion!

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Friday Not-So-Classic: Dil, A Fun Terrible Wonderful Romantic Ridiculous Movie of the 90s

Happy Madhuri week!  Looking for something from your suggestions that I have already seen and could write about quickly, I landed on Dil.  Because it is soooooooo terrible that I don’t need to really think that deeply about it, and it is also soooooooo fun that I can sincerely recommend it.

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Madhuri Day! Last Post, Saajan, Madhuri and Sanju

This is one of those movies that I knew was really good, and I just haven’t gotten around to watching it.  Well, haven’t gotten around to it, and it was kind of hard to find a copy of.  But, thanks to the proliferation of international streaming services, I now longer had that excuse, so I finally watched it!

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Madhuri Day Almost Over, But Rajkumar Before We End!

Wicked witches, evil uncles, twins, love potions, Madhuri Dixit, horses, fairy tale kingdoms, Danny Denzongpa, bungee cord fight scenes, geese, have I said anything bad so far?  No!  There is nothing bad in this movie!  It’s all goodness, goodness so rich that maybe it was hard for people to stomach, and thus its massive flop at the box office on release.  And, I was surprised to learn from the comments on my sexy songs post, not something that the readers here might even be aware of.

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Madhuri Day Still! Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Her Most Successful Movie

It’s been pointed out that I might appear to undervalue this film and that is why I haven’t spoken much about it.  Truly, I don’t undervalue it!  It’s just such an unusual film that it doesn’t fit easily with a discussion of anything else.  Nothing else is really like it, and therefore available for comparison with it.  And it didn’t start a particular trend in filmmaking (beyond the general “Family Films” trend), because it would be so hard to imitate.  But yes, I do know about this movie, I know all sorts of things about it and I am aware of it’s place in film history.

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Madhuri Day Continues! Anjaam, Madhuri Does Vengeance

I watched this movie with my friend for Valentine’s and, truly, it is the perfect Valentine’s movie!  All the romantic relationships are a different variety of horrible, erotic love leads only to misery, and happiness come from embracing inner strength and aloneness and killing EVERYBODY.  (it might also be the perfect PMS movie) I should also mention, just to complete the picture, that my friend and I ate 2 dozen mini-eclairs straight out of the container while watching this film.  The Perfect Evening.

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