Happy Cyber Monday!!! You Know What Would Make a Great Xmas Gift? My Book!

It really would!  Especially if you have been trying to explain to your family and friends why you like these movies and take them seriously.  Let me make the explanation for you!  It will save you so much energy and anger.  Or, you can buy it as a Christmas gift to yourself, and then have handy talking points all ready for all the family gatherings.

You can buy my book in paperback or kindle from American Amazon here.


And from Indian Amazon here.


And presumably from Australian, Canadian, and every other Amazon as well.


If none of those work for you, here is the official book page on my publishers site, with a bunch of other sources listed.


Really, I promise, it’s a fun read!


(and look how pretty the cover is!)


And after you read it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a review!  On Goodreads or Amazon!  My publisher just let me know that there are various promotional possibilities I am missing out on, because I still only have a few reviews (including my father, twice)


8 thoughts on “Happy Cyber Monday!!! You Know What Would Make a Great Xmas Gift? My Book!

  1. I have a different kind of question. Where can we put a general comment? Or would you prefer only comments on what you have actually said? We (my comrade in arms) and I discovered that SRK was actually in NYC all weekend. Now, of course that doesn’t mean we would have seen him, but we have a pretty good idea where he might stay. We would have just sat in the lobby and watched him pass by. We are soooo sad and thought you of all people would understand that. So, tell us honestly, is this something you would like shared, or would you rather it all stayed just on the films themselves?


    • Of course you can share that! Why not? Just post a comment on any post you want, I get notified right away of any comment anywhere, and of course it gets posted in the recent comments list, so we can all join in the talk.

      And I have been thinking the same thing! Well a similar thing. He was in America for Thanksgiving and I didn’t even know! I could have invited him to join us! But, was he in NYC? I saw the KHNH tweet about it, but he also said he was visiting Aryan, and Aryan is in LA I thought. So maybe you don’t have to feel sad after all!


      • No, he was here. 30 blocks from my house. We saw pictures and figured it out. I’m even pretty sure I know which hotel. He was also seen at an Apple store.(of course) It makes sense that they met here: only 5 hours for Aryan and 5 fewer for the rest of the family. As far as we can tell Suhana (who had school of course) did not come


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