Lazy Sunday Links

This is the tail end of Thanksgiving holidays for me.  I’m at my sister’s, we have watched Manam and Dishoom so far, Byomkesh Bakshy! is on the docket for tonight. And, in general, I am feeling a bit lazy.  So, instead of giving you content all on my own, I am going to be linking to awesome things.

First, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, here is a link to the greatest piece of internet journalism of all time, titled “Let’s Discuss Shah Rukh’s Evolution to ‘Daddy’: Dear Zindagi, I’d like one of these too.”  If you are a SRKian, you MUST read this!  For instance, it includes desperately needed gifs such as this.


Speaking of Shahrukh, and this is a lot less important than the previous link, he also is paying the hospital bills for an ailing film journalist, blah blah blah charity.  Here is the article, but it doesn’t have any sexy gifs, so it’s hardly worth reading.


And finally, I had no idea this existed, but Bollywoodhungama has a constantly updating infographic showing the popularity by clicks and articles and so on of various celebrities.  It’s addictive!



(this is the current ranking for this week.  Who is the lady in the center?  That is either a terrible picture of a famous person, or a really good picture of a not very famous person.  Either way, I can’t recognize her)

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Links

      • Wow, I had no idea who it was either. Where do you find this ranking? It is addictive. What is it based on? Clicks on their site? I love the article you linked to. She is wrong though about what kind of husband he’d be by his own admission. He would NOT plan trips, he does NOT watch sunsets. He probably DOES listen well, (when he is there and Gauri is awake, which is rarely). He DOES believe in strong, confident women, and will be happy you are one, that part is very true. And I think it is probably true that he is a wonderful father. (again, when he is there). Of course his overall sexiness is UNDISPUTED. Saw Dear Zindagi a second time. Gets better and better.


        • No idea what it’s based on. Maybe number of mentions in the articles they publish? But really, now idea. And it’s from Bollywood Hungama, which is a hardcore industry news website (more Deadline, less TMZ) that is my go to source for news.

          Now, see I read that article as less about Shahrukh-Gauri’s-Husband, and more about Shahrukh-hot-older-boyfriend-to-new-young-girlfriend. Say Gauri dies or something, what would be be like to someone new who he just met now?


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