2 New Heroes: Who Looks Better?

I feel SO GUILTY about this, but I am going to re-purpose a question and my response from Monday Morning questions into a post.  I’m sorry!  I don’t mean to just use you guys for post fodder!  But it was a really interesting thing to think about, I hadn’t compared the two before, and I think it’s kind of cool looking at them like that.

I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me until T.J. Stevens asked about them together, but it is kind of striking to think about how Suniel Shetty’s son Ahan Shetty:

And Aadar Jain are both being launched, with their announcements within days of each other.


So, there’s two things I find interesting about these two guys in comparison with each other.  First, I find that I am more excited about Aadar Jain just because of who is launching him.  Because I trust Aditya Chopra’s judgement, and the Yash Raj process.  And I have faith in anyone who has enough patience and faith in that process to work with them.

If Yash Raj is launching you, that means you went through an apprenticeship period working on one of their films, you waited patiently until they thought the time was right and the script was right for you, and now you are humbly following their elaborate promotional strategy for you.  It gives me a lot of faith in Aadar’s intelligence and character that he is going through this process.

And it gives me faith in his talent that he survived this process.  I don’t know, of course, but I strongly suspect that there are a whole array of young aspiring directors and writers and actors who come through the gates of Yash Raj studios and don’t make the cut.  If Aditya saw something in Aadar, something which lasted through everything, then there must be something there.


And then we have Suniel Shetty’s son Ahan!  Who, call me crazy, but kind of looks like Arbaaz Khan?  All we know about him is who is launching him.  And it is making me a little more dubious.  Sajid Nadiawala is a fine producer and director.  But he doesn’t have the kind of machine backing him that Yash Raj does, I have no faith that anyone he “discovered” went through some kind of rigorous screening process.

And I have no faith that someone he discovered has industry sense and intelligence and work ethic.  Possibly Sajid has the perfect script, and Ahan carefully chose to do his launch with him because of that.  Maybe Ahan put himself through his own training period and waited until he was fully ready before accepting the role.  But we can’t know for sure, they way we can with anyone who chose to work with Yash Raj and wait until Aditya decided they were ready.


There’s also the family component here.  The poor Jain boys!  Just CHANGE YOUR NAME!!!  Pull a Prateik Patil, so we all know who your famous maternal relatives are.  Sure, it would be hurtful to your father, but isn’t that worth it for fame?  Although, actually, maybe they did look at Prateik and noticed how the name change only got him so far and he ended up going back to “Babbar” after all.

(Still love him in this song video though)

Also, remember Armaan Jain?  Who is presumably Aadar’s brother?  Does anyone remember him?  One movie, which failed, and poof!  Career over!  I wonder if that’s what taught Aadar to wait it out and get a launch from Yash Raj instead of just taking whatever was the first thing to come his way.

(I guess AR Rahman is the official composter for “sons of famous maternal families who are trying to be launched and constantly remind people who their mother’s are”)


11 thoughts on “2 New Heroes: Who Looks Better?

  1. I’m more excited about seeing Aahan Shetty on screen, I think. Mostly because he looks like both his father, so will definitely age even better!, and Sooraj Pancholi (who I just can’t root for though I did think he showed potential in Hero). Also, I’m still hoping his sister also catches on, too. I thought she was kind of good in moments in Hero, too. However, I can totally seeing him flaming out after a couple of films because he doesn’t have the studio/mentor backing that a launch by Chopra or Johar provides. The other guy looks so blah to me…but maybe the Yash Raj polish will show me something different and better!


    • They both look kind of blah to me, at least in these pictures. Random attractive young men without much personality. Kind of like tofu. But hopefully once they are in an actual picture some kind of flavor will appear.


  2. Don’t feel guilty 🙂

    I agree that Aadar Jain seems more promising just because he’s being introduced by Aditya Chopra. I read that he was an assistant director on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, so it seems that he has some kind of experience. Plus his debut is being directed by Habib Faisal who made Daawat-e-Ishq which I liked.


    • I just looked up Habib Faisal, looks like he also directed Ishaqzaade, which was a great debut for Arjun and Parineeti. So he has experience launching young stars, which is also a good sign.


  3. Armaan Jain’s entire PR campaign for his launch consisted of saying, roughly ten times a second, that he’s a KAPOOR!, no, really A KAPOOR!! despite being stuck with a non-KAPOOR surname, he’s really a KAPOOR!!! and don’t you forget it. So maybe that’s why Aadar is sticking with the Jain.

    As for Aahan Shetty, to me looks entirely and exactly like his dad (as does his sister, unfortunately — the look doesn’t sit so well on a girl) and no one else. I don’t know where you’re getting Arbaaz Khan from. Also I think you’re underestimating Sajid Nadiadwalla. He’s launched several people before, too. Being launched by Adi Chopra is all right (though Parineeti Chopra seems like a warning, and Shraddha Kapoor only really


  4. Sorry, there was a glitch above. So here’s the rest of the last sentence:
    … and Shraddha Kapoor only really got big after breaking her YRF contract, and is Arjun Kapoor really such a success?), but I don’t think it comes with any guarantees.


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