Christmas Give-Away Post!!!! Winner Week 5!

Thank goodness I am doing this give-away (if you are new to it, whoever makes the most comments each week gets a Christmas card)!  Because I have sooooooooo much going on with Christmas, it is very nice to have a quick and easy thing to post.  Today I picked up my rugs from the cleaners (so they will be clean by the time family starts arriving), put up all my decorations, bought snacks for the Christmas party I am hosting tomorrow, and got my car fixed (that last wasn’t Christmas related, it was just something I needed to do).  And thus, fewer posts.  But at least I can throw this up in between shopping online for all my relatives! (week 1 here, week 2 here, week 3 here, week 4 here)

This week’s winner is……filmilibrarian!  And not just because she made some great fan videos. I haven’t decided which card to give her yet, but once I do, I will take a picture of it and then put it in the mail!

Last week’s winner got a really fun one, which unfortunately is not Christmas themed.  But I am super proud of it!  It’s the 2016 Valentine’s card, which I paid extra to make a folding card, so space for more photos!

V-Day card.jpg

(I did not write the poem.  But it did inspire me in the pictures I picked out!)

V-Day card2.jpg

(I did write this poem!  Well, sort of.  Please forgive any errors in translation)


13 thoughts on “Christmas Give-Away Post!!!! Winner Week 5!

        • I can never figure out what that means. Does it mean you were born in the 90s or you were a kid in the 90s? I was born back in the 80s, but most of my childhood was in the 90s.

          It’s weird that I feel nostalgia for 90s Indian films, because I didn’t actually start watching them until the early 2000s! But all the 90s stuff was on DVD then (cheaper than the more recent stuff), so I gobbled it up.

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          • I think its the part when you grew up in the 90s. I was born in late 80s but am a 90s kid. True and blue. They call us Millennials though. But I can never wrap my head around that term. And you have gobbled the movies so very well. Cheers! 🙂


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  2. Hi, I don’t know where did I lose your email Id 😦 Could you be kind enough to give it to me once more 😦 Super sad about the whole goofup. I combed all posts I could. 😦


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