Hindi Film 101: How a Film Is Made (Inspired by How Jagga Jasoos Did Everything Wrong)

We’ve had a lot of discussion on the Jagga Jasoos post about where things went wrong.  And I think part of the reason we’ve been going around and around is because the production of an Indian film is so very different from the process for a Hollywood film.  And, in addition, the Indian film producers waste a lot less time talking to reporters than Hollywood producers, so it isn’t as easy to get a sense of what really goes into their process.  So I am going to lay it out for you here!

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Hindi Film 101: For Aditya and Karan’s Birthday Week, A History of Yash Raj and Dharma Films!

Happy day after Karan Johar’s Birthday!  And 4 (5?) days after Aditya Chopra‘s.  I thought, for their birthdays, it might be interesting to talk about their respective studios, both uniquely a reflection of one man’s genius.

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2 New Heroes: Who Looks Better?

I feel SO GUILTY about this, but I am going to re-purpose a question and my response from Monday Morning questions into a post.  I’m sorry!  I don’t mean to just use you guys for post fodder!  But it was a really interesting thing to think about, I hadn’t compared the two before, and I think it’s kind of cool looking at them like that.

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Rani had her baby!!!!!

Named “Adira”, a combination of Aditya and Rani.  I don’t know about this trend of made up names.  Even “AbRam”, with that funky spelling, I am dubious.

Her birth was announced on twitter first by Rishi Kapoor, of all people, and then confirmed by Uday Chopra’s twitter soon after.  However, a few hours earlier, SRK’s twitter had a random comment “…there really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child….”  This could just be one of those random things he says sometimes, or it could be his trip to the hospital pep message for Adi.  I choose to believe the latter.

No word yet from Amitabh, who is usually ALL ABOUT the baby announcements and congratulations.  On the other hand, this baby is so very special, it’s possible he isn’t tweeting because he is actually at the hospital.

Moving on to the more important issues, who could this baby marry when she grows up?  AbRam is of course an option, good family, right age, will probably be super handsome when he grows up.  Would look good on her arm.

Then there’s Aamir’s son Azad, another good family, with producing background from his grandfather and great-uncle as well as his father.  Plus, heightwise, it might work.  Adira’s mother is of course super short, so it might be nice for her to marry someone whose father is super short, so they would match and look well in pictures.

Yug, Kajol and Ajay’s son, is also in a reasonable age range, should be comfortable with a strong matriarchy, and well-connected.  Of course, he is also Adira’s cousin, but it is a very distant relationship and I think they could get past that.  And it would solidify her claim on the Mukherjee owned studio complex, and an official Yash Raj-Mukherjee business merger would be great for the industry.

The Chopra’s do have a history of May-December marriages, which opens up the field beyond the current batch of babies.  In the slightly older range, there’s Aarav Kumar.  He hasn’t done much yet (since he’s like 13), but he looks exactly like his grandfather, mega-star Rajesh Khanna, and he is getting the karate training so he can be like his father, action star Akshay Kumar.  Plus, his Grandma is Dimple, and she is awesome.  Definitely a respectable match who would be okay with strong women.  And could serve as a bodyguard as well as arm-candy.

There’s also Agastya Nanda, Amitabh’s grandson.  He’s not an industry kid, raised in Delhi by a businessman father, but genetically, he is the ultimate prize.  Grandson of Amitabh, great-grandson of Raj Kapoor.  And a supportive spouse for the new head of Yash Raj studios should maybe have a business background instead of a straight film one.

And then of course the ultimate hope, she turns out to be gay and gets together with Aaradhya and achieves domination of the entire world.