Bahubaali Poster!!!

That’s all I have to say really, just BAHUBAALI POSTER!!!!  Let us all celebrate!  Also, isn’t it handy that both Prabhas and Rana Duggabati have birthdays at the perfect time to promote it?  Although probably if they didn’t, the filmmakers would have found another occasion around now to release it.


So, what can we learn from this?  Rana has the grey in his hair, so this is “modern day”.  Which means there is a big battle with flaming projectiles in the “present day”.

And really, I think we could have all guessed that.  Rana did not seem like a guy to just go “oh, you are the son of my long lost cousin-brother and the rightful heir?  The kingdom is yours!  Enjoy!”

Although I think the chest piece might be new?  I remember the cool lion’s head graphic in their breast plates in the other film, but I don’t remember the glowing red eyes before, that’s a nice new touch.

5 thoughts on “Bahubaali Poster!!!

  1. Yes, the armor is new. And don’t forget that Bahubali the younger also killed Bhallaladeva’s son. So another reason not to forgive and forget.


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