New Kaabil Song Trailer Reminds Me of So Many Other Things!

New Kaabil song!  Which I clicked on because some tweet referred to the “unucual dance visuals” or something like that, so I thought maybe Hrithik was dancing.  But nooooooooo.  We can’t have nice things!

The video, to me, is actually pretty boring.  Sexy lady dancing, but not dancing in an interesting fashion, more just sort of gyrating and rolling on the floor.  And her costumes aren’t that interesting either.  Really, it’s a song I can take or leave.


Except for the music!  Which felt SO FAMILIAR to me!  Especially the chorus.  After wracking my brains, I think this is what it reminds me of:


Can you hear it?  How similar they are?  Maybe it’s because “Haseeno” is imitating “Teri Meri Kahaani”.  Or maybe it’s because they are both imitating the classic Amitabh song that “Haseeno” is officially remixing.


The songs fine, but they really should have imitated the visuals.  Except they couldn’t, because Priyanka Chopra just did that.  And got a fair amount of flack for it!  Because, as we all know, you DON’T imitate Amitabh.


I wonder if that’s why this song went with a sexy lady instead of Hrithik dancing?  Because if it was Hrithik, it would invite comparisons to Amitabh, but with a sexy lady it’s more like she is dancing in tribute to Amitabh (which is what Priyanka said about her dance too).


One thought on “New Kaabil Song Trailer Reminds Me of So Many Other Things!

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