Merry Christmas Part III!

I already put up a post that I wrote earlier about past presents.  But now Christmas morning is over, and I officially have all my gifts for this year, and there are a couple of phenomenal ones!  Which I get to brag about to you, because they are blog-adjacent! (plus, the Christmas salt and pepper shakers that I used for the header image because they are festive!)

First, in order to keep up my tremendous pace of posting, I asked for some extra computer stuff on my Christmas list.  Only, I was late getting people my list this year, so they had to improvise a bit and give representational type presents (with the understanding that at some point I would get to go into a store and pick one out at some point).  For instance, my father gave me the wireless keyboard I wanted:



My brother-in-law contributed towards a new laptop, once this one finally dies:



Besides the practical, I also got some inspirational items, like this awesome ornament (from the same friend who gave me the light up Shahrukh star):



And finally, my sister got me these AMAZING stickers!  If you need them for yourself, here is the Red Bubble link.  And here are the awesome stickers, which I will need to find a suitable way of mounting.  Maybe framed?






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