Really Good Songs From Not Very Good Movies

Christmas is over, which is sad, but it means I have a lot of new presents to play with (check them all out here!), and it means I can go back to listening to Saavn and my Indian music instead of Christmas carols.  In early November, when I start my Christmas channels, it feels all refreshing to listen to White People Music (as I think of it) for a little bit.  But by December 26th, I am ready to go back to my Indian stuff.  And for my first playlist, I went with the theme of “good songs from not good movies.”

A lot of these movies I haven’t even seen, because the reviews weren’t great, word of mouth was worse, and history hasn’t really proved their importance since.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some really catchy songs on the soundtrack!

Phata Poster Nikhla Hero I was kind of excited about, because I always get suckered in to thinking “This is the movie that will finally make Shahid a Major Star!”  And then it didn’t and I never got around to watching it.  But this song is one of my favorites to listen to.


Ignore the stupid English lyrics here (and try very very hard not to burst out with them embarrassingly while riding the train on your morning commute), and this is a great song, right?


Speaking of not so great Shahid movies that I thought might finally make him a star, there’s also Kismat Konnection (narrated by Shahrukh Khan!  WHY?!?!?).  I did finally get around to watching this, mostly out of a sick curiosity to see the movie in which Vidya Balan has looked the worst of her career (not saying she looks that bad, just that this costumes were not doing her any favors).  Only to discover that the movie is terrible, but the songs are GREAT.


And the other love song!  With dancing Burger King employees?


Speaking of Vidya’s Dark Times, before she did Dirty Picture and we all realized that she was so much more than just a perky love interest, how about Heyy Babyy?  Stupid movie, stupid plot (cute baby though!), but a great apology song from Akshay!


For great songs from not very good movies with Akshay, there are several options!  I have a soft spot for Holiday in general, but this song in particular always perks me up when it cycles around on my Saavn playlist.


I also have to admit a soft spot for I Hate Luv Storys (yes, even with the stupid spelling).  The movie itself is flawed but enjoyable, but the soundtrack is basically flawless.  I could easily put up every one of the songs, but I will limit it to just my top favs (no!  The text spelling is contagious!).

I really love this one, both the song and the visuals.


Oh!  But the visuals on this one are even better!  Maybe this movie doesn’t even belong in the “good songs from not very good movies post”?  No wait, Imraan’s character is infuriating, it does belong.


This film made a little money, right?  But it was released so small and so unambitiously, that it was hardly noticed.  And yet this song has somehow become one of my favorites, like “sit up and pay attention” every time it comes up on my playlist.  Maybe I should actually check out the film?


Speaking of movies that didn’t even really get a big release, The Xpose!  Which I ignored pretty much when it came out (except to go “Shilpa Shetty is a producer?”), and then when listening to my Yo Yo channel on Saavn (Yo Yo, I love you!  When are you coming back to Chicago?), I ran across this song and fell in love with it.


I feel like I should end with something a little more classic.  How about old school Shahrukh?  This is from Anjaam, which is really not worth seeking out (except in that kind of “slow motion car crash” sick fascination way).  But how catchy is this song?!?!



17 thoughts on “Really Good Songs From Not Very Good Movies

  1. I will have to check out Kismat Konnection. That song with the dancing Burger King employees was shot on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, about a ten minute drive from my house! My friends and I used to go down there every weekend during high school to look for girls. We mostly ended up eating whoppers. I can’t believe that the lovely Vidya was so close to me and I didn’t realize (I didn’t even know who she until about seven years later, but still)! Those fireworks are the bane of my dog’s existence every Friday night. I’ve heard terrible things about the movie but those songs do sound pretty great. I also must admit that I liked I Hate Luv Storys. It didn’t make its way on my ‘to buy’ list or anything but it was a pleasant way to spend an evening.


    • I was going to say “Don’t do it! Kismat Konnection isn’t worth it!”, but if it was shot near you, you absolutely should! I get so excited every time I see Dhoom 3 (or, strangely, What’s Your Rashee?, the only other Hindi film to shoot on location in Chicago) and realize that those people were in the same place I am. If that makes sense.

      I Hate Luv Storys really isn’t bad, right? I think the key is to power through the early Imraan bits, where he is just disgusting and horrible, and get into the middle third, where he starts to come around, and Sonam gets a lot more development. The last 3rd I just adore, with Imraan getting his own back. Plus all the inside filmi jokes! But I’ve never been able to get anyone that far, every time I’ve tried to show it at a movie night, my friends have rebelled after the title song.


      • I feel the same way about Swades, since I not only live near NASA Goddard in Greenbelt, MD (not DC, as in the movie) but have friends who work there, and my son did an internship there, and everytime I drive by the gate my heart goes pittapat.


  2. As probably the only person in the history of the Indian film industry to get into Hindi movies through Heyy Babyy, I appreciate this post. It was Mast Kalander that did it. It was playing on a continuous loop on the music channel of a hotel in Dhaka where I spent a day indisposed, and I watched it four thousand times. They had added graphics of a big arrow coming down and pointing to SRK, but even if they hadn’t I would have known he was special. I went home and looked it up on Youtube and watched it another four thousand times and decided to take my colleague up on his insistent offers to lend me DDLJ. I didn’t get to see the movie until about two years later and you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered SRK isn’t even in it (and it’s lousy).


      • Ooh, I love it! Also reminds me of Dil Se, which was probably my second or third Hindi film and remains my favorite dance sequence ever. (Seriously, it is so embarrassing when people ask your first Indian film and you have to say Heyy Babyy).


        • Well, you could also think of it as showing how hip and in the know and open to other cultures you are. My first 3 movies were Lagaan, Rangeela, and DDLJ. Which is respectable because they are all classics, but a little embarrassing because they are also the classic intro movies for dumb white people. Well, not Rangeela, but I didn’t even like it, so it still doesn’t count.

          Whereas seeing Heyy Babyy right off the bat and not being turned off, that shows you to be a truly unique person!

          (Also, do you always feel the need to pronounce it “Hey-ya Baby-ya”? Because I do, and I imagine that would add to the embarrassment factor)


          • I guess that is a more positive spin! And no, I pronounce it “Hey Baby” orally but “Hey-eee Bay-beeee” mentally.


  3. Looks like Heyy Baby (or part of it ) was filmed in Sydney.

    I won/was given the CD soundtrack to Prince and heard the songs quite a bit in my iTunes playlist. They are very danceable – but probably not greaaat songs, I like them because Atif Aslam sings them. Anyway, I found the movie on YouTube or wherever and gave up on it after 20-30 minutes, it is just ludicrous. Ha ha


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