Salman App Report! My Favorite Part is the Fan Wall

I did it!  I downloaded the Salman App so I could see what it was like!  And it’s interesting.  I kind of wish the other stars would do something similar, just to make life easy.

So, once you download and install the app, you are brought to a screen with 5 options:

  1. Being In Touch
  2. Khandaan
  3. Being Human Jobs
  4. Fan Wall
  5. About

Being In Touch is the most useful one, it combines everything Salman posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into one place.  And it makes your phone go “ding-ding” whenever he posts something new.

This is the thing I wish the other people I follow would do!  Well, maybe not Amitabh, my phone would be going “ding-ding” constantly at the rate he posts.  But Shahrukh and Aamir and Karan usually post when it is something big like a new trailer or a poster or a film announcement.  And I would LOVE to get an instant “ding-ding” whenever they posted anything on any service.

(It would save me refreshing Shahrukh’s twitter every five minutes the next time a Raees song comes out)

Khandaan is where there is the really good coupon that I can’t use.  It’s for Being Human jewelry (which I really want!), but it’s only good on a website that won’t take American payments.  Booo!

Being Human Jobs is self-explanatory.  And yes, I did skim through them to see if there was a job for a white lady in America with limited computer skills.  There is not.  There are a lot of jobs posted though.  Either it is a bigger company than I realized, to routinely have this many openings, or it is expanding right now and suddenly wants to hire a bunch of people.

Fan Wall is my FAVORITE!!!  You click on it, and there’s a little map that shows an arrow where you are, and then a bunch of other arrows around you showing all the other people with the Salman Khan app installed near you.  You can even click on a little list icon to see all their names listed out.  By the way, as of 7:45 this morning, I am the only non-desi on the list near me, and the only woman.  Maybe this will be some kind of strange publicity for my book?  People will see the white lady name on the list, google me, find the book, and buy it out of curiosity?

About has it’s own sub-categories:

  1. Biography
  2. Hobbies
  3. Workout
  4. Favourite Food
  5. Filmography
  6. SK Games

Only, the sub-categories aren’t that filled in.  The biography is just a brief statement from him, and a bunch of photos and videos.  Which is fine, and the photos are kind of new, but it’s not exactly the in depth biography I was hoping for.

Hobbies is the same thing, a brief statement saying he likes to work out and paint, and then some photos and videos of him working out and painting, and also playing with his dogs and riding horses and stuff.

Workout, again, same thing, a brief statement about his routine, and a bunch of photos.  I have no interest in building a body like Salman’s, so this does nothing for me.

Favorite Food I am slightly more interested in, because Food is better than Workout.  But still, it’s just a statement and a photo, it’s not like there is a recipe included or anything.

Filmography is a disaster!  It only goes back to 1993, and even in the 2016-1993 it skips things.  It’s essentially the same kind of selected filmography you get if you search “Salman Khan” on google and the little row of films shows up.  If you click on a film, it links back to Imdb, where you can get his REAL filmography, I don’t know why they didn’t just use that for reference.

SK Games is also a little disappointing, because it’s just the same old “Being Salman” game that was released ages ago.  And “Games” is plural, right?  Implying that there would be an additional one?


Overall, though, well worth downloading!  For the Being In Touch and the Fan Wall feature, if nothing else.


2 thoughts on “Salman App Report! My Favorite Part is the Fan Wall

  1. Ooh, you’re more tech savvy than I am! When I tried to install it, Google Play kept telling me I wasn’t logged in, but with no instructions on how to do so. I might have to email you to get a step by step walk through. 🙂

    I actually wasn’t expecting much in terms of content, but with your report, I am interested in that Fan Wall. Maybe they’ll introduce some feature later that will let all those fans message each other (though that may not be the best idea 🙂 ) Anyway, thanks for taking the plunge and reporting back.


    • I initially tried doing it through my computer, following the link he tweeted, and it was odd. But then I pulled up the google play store directly on my phone, so I think that logged me into google play automatically and it was easy to download. And then as soon as I downloaded and opened the app, there was a pop-up for my login, with fine print below with a link to “register”. Once I entered my name and phone number and email and created a password, it let me go to the regular app.

      I downloaded it as soon as I woke up, so around 7am, and then when I went back to it a little later, I kept getting a message “Server Busy”. I think Salman had just added a message, so everyone was rushing to use the app at the same time to read it and the server was overloaded so it stopped working. Hopefully all those glitches will be worked out soon.

      And the Fan Wall is fascinating! I am sure mine is going to get more and more crowded, since I live half a mile from the big Indian neighborhood in Chicago, so there should be a lot of people signing in around me.


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