Happy Birthday Salman! Here are the most important reasons I love you!

1 through 40 are important too, but these are my top eleven. (UPDATE: These are mostly the same as in 2015, with a few tweaks.  And of course a new one added!)

41. That you have embraced your lower income, lower class, Indian-based fans rather than running after the wealthy diaspora audience like everyone else.

42. That you almost never wear a shirt, onscreen or off

43. That you still live in the same house as all your brothers, nephews, father, stepmother, and mother, the one star who truly lives the family message of the films in your life.

44. That you barely use twitter, and when you do, it is usually to promote the work of others, not yourself.

45. That you are truly ‘Salman Bhai’ to all your fans, your friends, and your family, doing everything in your power to protect them from harm and make their dreams come true.

46. And that when you work with Sooraj Barjatya, it is magic.  Like this

47. And this

48. And this

49. And this

50. And this, the moment when I and the world fell for you for the first time, over 25 years ago.


51.  And the new number 51 reason!!!  Because your videos with babies are the BEST THING EVER.



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Salman! Here are the most important reasons I love you!

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  3. I’m just catching up with your past posts. Reading this birthday post for Salman makes me think that you’ve already seen quite a lot of his films, and there was no reason to ask me for recommendations. I now feel silly for posting another long list for you in the To-Do list thread. 🙂


  4. Oh, by the way, Salman doesn’t live in the same “house” with his parents and brothers and sisters. His brothers and sisters moved out of the parental home when they got married, though they live quite nearby. Salman lives in a separate apartment in the same building as his parents. If you want to commend that, it should be for the fact that he always checks in with his parents when he comes home, no matter how late, and that he still lives in the same one or two bedroom apartment that he’s been in for yonk’s years, and hasn’t upgraded or expanded.


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