New Raees Poster! (Did You Think I Forgot?): Translation and Context.

Way back when I woke up this morning, I saw the new Raees poster.  And then I didn’t exactly forget about it (how could I?  It’s my new computer wallpaper!), but I forgot to do a blog post on it.  Until now!

Woot woot!  Poster and a new tagline!

Image result for raees poster

Super sexy, right?  The beard could be a hair thicker (ha!  “A hair thicker!” I made a pun!  And then I made it uncool by pointing it out).  But the sweaty-bloody-fighter look is working for me.

And, of course, the gazing-intensely-at-her-while-foreheads-touch is a classic.  Way way hotter than a kiss.

Tagline, also hot: “You are the flame, memory never stops…..I am still your moth”.

UPDATE: A Nice commentator improved on my translation: “If you are the flame, remember….I too am a moth”

First reference that pops up with that quote, by the way, is a Khiladi song.  Don’t know if that is what they were going for, by the way, but if it is, it’s a nice little period-but-not-period touch.  Subtly reminding us of the late 80s/early 90s.

Although, does this mean Mahira might die?  With the whole “memory” thing?  I don’t want her to die!  I like her!  Also, by the way, I am now 4 episodes in to Humsafar on Netflix.  The film quality is bugging me (same reason I have a hard time with some American TV shows from the 80s), but the plot is excellent.  And, so far, Mahira Khan is pretty great too.  So I don’t want her to die!

But I would be okay if the meaning was less “death” and more “after all this time, I still love you.”  That would be cool.

(Like this!  Also, I never thought a Shahrukh poster would remind me of a Reba McEntire song)

4 thoughts on “New Raees Poster! (Did You Think I Forgot?): Translation and Context.

  1. How on earth did you find a translation of the tagline? Google translate botched it; a twitter pal gave me the gist of it, but clearly yours is correct. Its from a well known poem? I don’t mind the whispy beard because I detect grey in it and I have been dying for him to do a part that allows him to show his actual grey. Now, we know he won’t show it all because his beard is entirely grey and his hair is probably mostly there too. I agree the poster is wonderful and Mahira is too. I’ve been watching Humsafar as well and am enchanted with her. She is really a worthy co-actor. I just hope they didn’t water down the story too much. Shah Rukh indicated in one of the Hyderbad interviews that they did make the script tamer.


    • A momentary brag, I already knew all the words except for “Shama” and “Parwana”. Once I had those, the rest fell into place.

      There is a song from the original “good” Umrao Jaan which has something about moths and flames, I was looking for it but I ran out of energy before finding it. My impression is that the moth and flame phrasing is pretty common, it pops up in a lot of lyrics. But I don’t know if there is one original source.

      Oh! I found the song! It’s one of the final stanzas of “In aankhon ki masti” (in my eyes is intoxication). She says something about how in her eyes is a light that has brought to death thousands of flies.


  2. The translation is still kind of botched up i think 😛

    “Yaad rakhna” translates to “remember”.

    You can find this in “Channa mereya” too: “Achha chalta hoon” (Ok, i’ll leave now), “duaon mein yaad rakhna” (remember me in your prayers).

    So, “Tu shama hai toh, yaad rakhna…main bhi hoon parwana” -> “If you’re a flame, remember…i too am a moth”

    Your shama-parwana translation is spot on, but the “memory never stops” bit reads pretty weird 😛


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