Worst Actor of 2016 is the Only One Capable of Actually Ruining a Movie

I went back and forth on this one.  I really really wanted to do Nargis Farkri, because she drives me crazy, but that didn’t seem fair.  Because she was kind of set up to fail in her movie roles, with a bunch of characters that never made sense and no real direction, so she was left to sort of pouting her way through the part as best she could.  No, I want to give it to someone who had a good script backed role and failed to manage it. (did that header trick you into thinking it might be Kat?  No!  She actually did a pretty good job in her movies this year)

Yes, poor Siddharth Malhotra, you have won my Worst Actor award.  Despite my great love for you in SOTY, I fear that level of character is about the height of your abilities.  And trying to do anything more just leads to ruined movies.

Image result for siddharth malhotra soty

(So pretty!)

Both Baar Baar Dekho and Kapoor & Sons were flawed movies to begin with (whereas Student of the Year is just about perfect).  And the flaws were biggest with your character.  In Baar Baar Dekho, the script isolated you from other characters, you had too few moments of connection and understanding with those around you which could have served to make you sympathetic.  Therefore, the pressure was on you as an actor to make your hero empathetic, to make us feel what he was feeling and understand his struggle, to care about what happened to him.  And your failure to do so lead to the failure of the film as a whole.

In Kapoor & Sons, your character was surrounded by complex human people.  An older son struggling to live up to his mother’s “perfect” vision of him, a mother who has poured her life’s frustrations into her son, a father who has poured his life frustrations into resentment hidden in tiny barbs and self-pity, a grandfather whose selfishness and self-interest have helped create this environment of bitterness, and even Alia, the “girl-next-door” who is a lot more than her happy facade.  And then there’s you, the blank slate perfect one, the one who is always done-to, not doing.

You are supposed to be our entry into this family, the silent sufferer who finally learns to stand up for himself and earn his happy ending.  The catalyst that makes everything happen.  But instead, Fawad Khan, the older brother who is supposed to be part of the “problem” not the solution, the one with even more issues than you, ended up running away with the movie.  And because Fawad became the most sympathetic one, suddenly the rest of the family, in the way they used and abused and blamed him, became unforgivably horrible.  If the Siddharth Malhotra character had been the centerpiece, then the sins against him would have been forgivable, and the happy reunited family ending would have been earned.  But since Siddharth inevitably slide into second place in the audience concern, suddenly the much greater sins against Fawad became the centerpiece and the ending falls apart.

Image result for kapoor and sons

(see Fawad off to the side, like we aren’t even supposed to notice him?)

Oh Siddharth, hopefully 2017 will be kinder to you.  The Bang Bang sequel that you are supposedly doing next, that should be about your speed.


11 thoughts on “Worst Actor of 2016 is the Only One Capable of Actually Ruining a Movie

  1. Sidharth Malhotra frustrates me a lot since he seems to have good script sense and picks interesting movies but he’s just not a good actor! If Varun gotten that role in Kapoor and Sons, I think that the movie would have been much more enjoyable. I haven’t seen Baar Baar Dekho but based on what I’ve heard, a better actor could have made the movie better.


    • I was really interested in Siddharth and Kat being cast opposite each other in Baar Baar, because to me they are very similar actors. In very particular roles, with careful direction and strong support from their co-stars and the script, they can be excellent. But without that support, they just flop. They just aren’t capable of “carrying” a film. And in Baar Baar, you ended up having two good supporting actors trying to add up to one decent lead performance, and it wasn’t happening.

      Interesting to compare it with Befikre, which I think had a less interesting script and concept, but much stronger leads. Both films failed, but one failed primarily because the actors couldn’t carry it through, and the other failed because the script just wasn’t there to support the actors.


      • I am not so sure about Sidharth, but I would agree that Katrina has given good performances when she has a strong script and good support from co-stars. I really liked her performance in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in particular.

        So would you say that Baar Baar Dekho would have been a much better movie if Ranveer and Vaani Kapoor were playing the leads?


        • Yes, I think so. Katrina’s character needed to be a little more aggressive than I think Kat is capable of being. And Siddharth’s character needed to go through more personality changes than I think Siddharth is capable of showing. Ranveer would have been good, Fawad Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Arjun Kapoor, all of them might have worked better than Siddharth.

          On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 2:24 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. But Siddharth is sooooo beautifull (can you hear the small sob in my voice?) I couldn’t figure out why Kapoor and sons wasn’t better and you are spot on that it is Sid’s character not quite making it that hurt it a lot. I didn’t understand what the fuss was about Fawad when I saw that insipid one about the Prince (and that was a rip off of several American idiotic films) but after this and of course even his small part in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil he was terrific. Maybe send Sid here to NY to study at the Adler studio….something….cause we do want to continue to look at him..


    • Sooooooo beautiful! Although I think he may have peaked in SOTY. It was a very very high peak, so he is still head and shoulders above other men, but he’s not quite as head and shoulders above as he was 6 years ago (tragically).

      I liked Khoobsurat! (that’s the one you meant, right?) But I agree that it wasn’t the best Fawad showcase. Although I did appreciate his ability to tone himself way done and let the heroine take the lead. Not something all actors are generous enough to do.

      If Sid just embraces his destiny as the male Katrina-Nargis-Jacqueline, I would be happy. Put him in underwritten roles in heroine lead films, make him do a few item numbers for us and smile his pretty pretty smile, give a bunch of interviews about his hair and his new look for the part and what an honor it was to work beside his co-star, shoot some cheeky sexy magazine spreads to help with promotions, and his career could last years. Heck, look what happened to John Abraham!

      On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 4:52 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I wanted to like Sid so much in SOTY.Mainly because he’s not from one of the Bollywood families.However Varun stole the show.As you say, Sid can be considered the male equivalent of Katrina-Nargis-Jacqueline and would be fantastic in heroine centric movies. But in his interviews, he comes across more honest and very self-aware than the three girls.In the SOTY interview he quotes Karan Johar’s brief about his entry (These are not the exact words) “Karan told me that my character is a small town boy from a middle class family who comes to this school for rich kids.For my entry, I’ll be wearing a cool leather jacket and riding an expensive bike (pause) Well….that’s Karan’s ‘idea’ of middle class. “


    • When I saw SOTY, Sid was the one who stood out for me. Which just proves that, once again, I failed to identify the next big thing (I also thought Viviek was going to be something, and Imraan, and Shahid). I had a few friends who claimed Varun was the better Star (not necessarily actor, but charisma and dancing and so on made him stand out) and I thought they were crazy. And then Humpty came out and Badlapur and Dishoom, and I had to admit they were correct. I also, by the way, was positive that Ranveer was a flash in the pan and would disappear in a few years. I am just terrible at this.


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