New Give-Away Announcement! Will You Be My Valentine?

I have a very very very very very very very hard time promoting myself.  Which is why half the time my own family doesn’t notice me at the dinner table.  But I really really really really want more people to find my blog so I can talk to them and they can talk to me and we can be a nice community!

And I also want more people to find my book, so they will learn about Indian film and come to love it like we do, and join our nice community.

Since I will just never be able to promote myself, it’s not in my nature, I am going to ask you all to do me a BIG BIG favor and promote on my behalf.  And then I will love you SO MUCH, that I will just have to send you one of my custom Valentine’s cards in gratitude.

So, if you tweet about my blog, or re-tweet one of my tweets.  Or if you put a review up of my book on Goodreads or Amazon or your own blog or your facebook page or some other book website.  Or write a book review in your family newsletter, or send the blog link to all your friends, or just tell all your friends in personal conversations how awesome I am–just let me know, and I’ll mail you a card!


If whatever you did is linkable (tweet, review, blog post), put the link in your comment.  If it isn’t linkable (a personal conversation with a friend in which you forced her to buy the book on Amazon while you watched), just tell me about it in a comment and I will believe you.


Also, unlike the Christmas give away, you CAN win more than once!  I will keep sending you Valentine’s cards until you ask me to stop.

Also unlike the Christmas give away, there is only one version of the card.  But it’s a really nice card, and it’s Valentine’s, surely there will be people in your life you would give it to if you had extra copies?



15 thoughts on “New Give-Away Announcement! Will You Be My Valentine?

  1. “not noticed at the dinner table” ??? Does your family realize that they’re missing out on your perceptive insights and shrewd observations?


  2. I really wish I could help you out with this! I don’t have twitter or a blog or anything. I’m on Facebook, but I’ve been told that I seem like a “catfish” account because I have under 60 friends (it’s all family and close friends that I actually speak to in real life). You deserve tons of attention and views for your incredible writing and all of the work that you put into this blog. You are, by far, the most prolific blogger that I have ever followed. You’re also the only blogger I have ever seen that responds to literally every comment. You are so very generous with your knowledge and expertise. And your ability to recall so many films, and details of films, astounds me daily! If I ever meet anyone that enjoys Hindi cinema, or ever manage to turn one of my friends on to it, I will sing your praises and send them your way.


    • You already put a review on Goodreads, that’s a huge help! And your kind words make me feel good too 🙂

      But, if you are ever on Facebook or anywhere else and feel like listing me as one of your favorite blogs, or mentioning my book as one you read this past year, even that much helps!

      On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 4:47 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Thanks for working so hard on your blog! Like Ryan said, you are the most prolific blogger I know, and I love being a part of this wonderful community. I will make sure to let my friends know about the blog, and I hope we have another year of wonderful movies to watch and discuss 🙂


    • If I were to give you a card for every nice thing you have done to promote me, I would have to order a whole special “moviemavengal” batch! So I’ll start with one and give you as many more as I feel like until I run out.


      On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 8:33 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You can count me as one of the people that found your blog through a Moviemavengal mention (either from lurking on Bollywhat or through her blog, it’s difficult to remember exactly).


        • Moviemavengal is so good at that! Should really put her on retainer as a publicist. Which I guess I have! Through cookies and Christmas cards, the only negotiable currency I have on hand,


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