First Christmas Give Away Winner! Congrats!

I announced a couple of days ago that I was going to try a give away, based on who made the most comments in a given week, over the next 9 weeks.  This is the first week, I’m excited, let’s see how this works!!!

And the winner is……T.J Stevens!  13 comments between Friday the 28th and Friday the 4th!  Congratulations!

I just messaged you, just send me a private message with your address (or any other address you would rather use), and I will send you a custom made Christmas card that I PROMISE you will love!


You can only win once, so next week, even if T.J takes the lead in comments again, I will skip over her and pick the next highest winner.  8 weeks left, so 8 more chances to win!

12 thoughts on “First Christmas Give Away Winner! Congrats!

    • I’m so glad! Especially because I am posting a photo of the card later today with the announcement of the new winner. And I would have hated to have spoiled your surprise if you hadn’t gotten it yet!


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